Tatiana Bazzichelli

Email t_bazz@ecn.org
Home Page www.strano.net/bazzichelli

Lectures / Workshops:

AHA - Activism, Hacking, Artivism


Communication sociologist, multimedia designer and organizer of events/workshops on hacktivism and net.art, she has been engaged for a long time in carrying ahead a concept of hacker art inside of the collective AvANa.net of Rome (http://avana.forteprenestino.net) and in collaboration with the Strano Network artistic group of Florence (www.strano.net). Founder of the project AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism (about new media art, activism and hacktivism) and owner of the mailing list AHA about artistic activism https://www.ecn.org/wws/arc/aha hosted by Isole nella Rete (http://www.ecn.org).

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