618AHA - Activism, Hacking, Artivism

Tatiana Bazzichelli
Language english
Room Haecksen
Time Day 2, 17:00h
Duration 1 hour
[1] http://www.hackmeeting.org
[2] http://www.strano.net/bazzichelli/aha.htm
[3] http://www.ecn.org/aha


The main concepts of AHA Project are Activism = political activism, Hacking = technological activism, Artivism = artistic activism. Artistic activism means any kind of free non-copyright creativity, to promote the idea of horizontal use of media, to stimulate real experimentation on expressive language without any censorship or hierarchy. AHA Project follows a collective path, as result of a movement that from the beginning of the Eighties struggles for an independent and self-managed use of mass-media (video, computer, radio and written text). Today more than ever, it is demonstrating to be one of the most valid alternatives to official information.

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