Workshop / Discussion: SCION as an alternative Internet Architecture

Event start: 9 months, 1 week ago // Event Information

Open discussion about the SCION Internet Architecture. We can dive deeper into points that haven't been addressed in more detail in the talk.

The SCION Internet architecture is not intended as yet another overlay network but actually aims to supersede BGP as the Internet's inter-domain routing protocol, addressing some of BGP's biggest problems. The goal is to empower Internet users, giving them more information and control about the paths their packets take through the network. With the right kind of configuration, the SCION-enabled networking stack of your device could automatically steer your outgoing traffic to, for example,

  • boycott networks that are known to have unneccessarily high carbon footprints (e.g., that buy power from coal plants),
  • prefer networks that operate in areas where there is a (temporary) surplus of electricity from renewables,
  • avoid traversing networks that fall under certain dubious jurisdictions.

In this workshop we can discuss different aspects of the SCION Internet Architecture and go into a bit more detail about the various implications.

Possible topics include - SCION addressing scheme and network structure - (Dis)incentives to deployment - Political implications for legislation / law enforcement - Further reasoning about carbon footprint and green routing - Different opportunities for user-based path-selection - How to play around with the technology