reconFTW: Discover and Optimize Your Reconnaissance and Exploitation Techniques

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Enter the world of ReconFTW, an open source asset discovery tool that has gained significant recognition among red teams, pentesters, and bug hunters. In this presentation, I will dive into the technical aspects of ReconFTW and discuss its advanced scanning techniques and methodologies. Discover how this tool can effectively identify and catalog assets, even in complex and dynamic environments. Through real-world use cases and success stories, you will learn how ReconFTW can uncover hidden vulnerabilities and improve your security posture.

ReconFTW ( is a comprehensive tool that covers a wide range of reconnaissance and exploitation techniques used in numerous offensive security environments and exercises.

In this workshop, we will explore various topics related to ReconFTW in depth, allowing you to fully exploit its potential. You will learn advanced techniques for horizontally scaling your scans using multiple machines to maximize efficiency and results. I will also show you how to adjust the tool's parameters to get the best results for your security projects.

We will dive into the world of asset discovery, covering both non-intrusive and intensive scans. We will gain practical knowledge on how to perform effective scans without disrupting target systems. In addition, you will become familiar with ReconFTW's new web interface, and we will review the latest techniques and trends in this ever-evolving field.

Workshop Highlights 🔗

  • Introduction to ReconFTW and its main features.
  • Horizontal scaling of scans using multiple machines.
  • Parameter tuning to maximize efficiency and accuracy of results.
  • Non-intrusive vs. intensive scans: approaches and considerations.
  • Exploration of the new ReconFTW web interface.
  • Latest techniques and trends in asset discovery.

Join this workshop where you will gain key skills and knowledge to enhance your reconnaissance and exploitation capabilities with ReconFTW. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the creator and take your offensive security skills to the next level!