To Name is to Own - Autonomous Name Spaces, Verifiable Identities, Assets and Services at the Edge

Event start: 9 months, 2 weeks ago // Event Information

With a lightweight method of using the DNS trust root, decentralised communities can establish and self-manage secure hierarchies of trust for identities, assets and distributed services. This can be deployed outside the data centre monopoly and into the decentralised and local infrastructures at the network edge for complete autonomy with minimal resources and management. Why use blockchains with eternal history and ever increasing storage and resource requirements, when you can leverage and liberate the most highly distributed network service in existence?

This workshop offers participants the hands on opportunity to discover potential uses of dynamic DNS updates, authorised and signed utilising DNSSEC as a trust root & SIG(0) keypairs for update authentication.

  • Learn how to configure and deploy an authoritative dynamic DNS service with DNSSEC enabled.
  • Discover how to publish cryptographic SIG(0) public keys to delegate and update resource records.
  • Configure secure wide area DNS service discovery to allow any device to securely publish services browsable over the global internet though avahi or dns-sd (DNS Wide Area Service Discovery).
  • Securely delegate DNS subdomains to servers, even on a battery powered Raspberry Pi.