Mini World'O'Techno workshop

Event start: 10 months ago // Event Information

We'll assemble kits to make a mini version of the World'O'Techno (, and talk over how the code works and what else you might make it do.

Kits will cost £60, €70 (which is just the parts cost), and have all the electronics and a rudimentary enclosure. You'll also need to bring a USB powerbank of some kind. If you have a portable speaker with a 3.5mm audio lead that you'd like to use with it, bring that too - the kit includes USB powered speakers, but they are not fancy. Bring your laptop, too, if you want to poke about in the code, and maybe an Ethernet cable.

Assembly is pretty simple - no soldering, mostly just sticking bits together - and afterwards you'll be able to wander around camp in a cloud of your own location-based techno.

I am bringing 10 kits. Email me ( to pre-book one. If they are not all booked they will be first-come first-served at the workshop. Please bring cash, and do not assume I will have change.

Kit instructions and parts list are here: