Yoga Class for Hackers

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Immerse yourself in a 40-minute yoga experience crafted for computer-bound professionals. 🧘‍♂️🖥️ Explore straightforward poses, perfect for home or office breaks, aimed at restoring both body and mind. 🏠💼 Discover the swift and profound relaxation and wellness benefits. 🌈🙏

Join our 40-minute rejuvenating yoga session designed specifically for those who spend long hours working in front of a computer! 🧘‍♂️🖥️

In this class, we will guide you through a series of gentle yet effective postures aimed at helping you unwind and find balance for both your body and mind. 🌼✨

We'll be focusing on a selection of simple postures that can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine, whether you're taking a break at home or in the office. 🏠💼 These poses are designed to counter the strains of prolonged computer use and promote relaxation.

Experience the almost instantaneous benefits of deep relaxation and enhanced well-being as you flow through our carefully curated yoga sequence. 🌟🌿

Just bring yourself and wear comfortable attire. While we do have chairs available, feel free to bring your own if that adds to your comfort. Let's embark on this journey towards tranquility and rejuvenation together! 🌈🙏

The Gazebo SPA is a relaxation place, you can stay after the class to enjoy a 15mins free holistic treatment (massage or energetical treatment) to further relax your body. Or you can come and lie down a few minutes to rejuvinate yourself. Just please, take your shoes off.