Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners (Day 1)

Event Start: 9 Monate, 4 Wochen her // Event Information

In this 2h workshop, I will teach you to work with the tiny components that modern electronic devices are made of. We will assemble an electronic kitten, that purrs when touched correctly, and hisses when touched wrong. It will work, and is guaranteed to remove your fear of hand-assembling surface mount designs.

In this workshop, we will learn to handle parts that seem impossibly tiny. We will learn a very useful technique (from the 16th century, or possibly earlier) to prevent your hands from shaking when doing precision work, and find out how the electronics industry cheats in every possible way to make assembly easier for themselves, and how we can cheat the same way when assembling things by hand. Using simple hand tools and kitchen equipment, we'll get results as good as any electronics assembly facility.

The board we'll assemble is a cat. It sleeps most of the time, but reacts to touch - if you touch it in a way it likes, it will purr, and if you touch it in a way it dislikes, it will hiss at you. No prior experience with electronics required. This is a workshop for terrified beginners who are afraid of surface mount parts because they seem too tiny to work with. It takes about two hours and costs 20€/kit. We can fit 13 people at the same time.