Design a circuit board with KiCad (Day 1)

Event Start: 9 Monate, 4 Wochen her // Event Information

Participants will learn the complete workflow of creating a circuit board with KiCad. At the end of the workshop, you will have a designed PCB that blinks some LEDs and is ready for manufacturing. No prior experience is required, basic electronics knowledge is useful.

Important: You need to bring a Notebook with KiCad 7.x including the symbol- and footprint libraries installed. It does not matter which OS. If possible, bring a mouse with a scroll-wheel.

The workshop will have a 10-15 minute lecture part in the beginning where the whole process is demonstrated. You won't need to take notes, a cheat-sheet with the process-steps and the most important shortcuts will be provided.

After the introduction you will draw a simple circuit that blinks two LEDs. Create the layout for it and export manufacturing data. Experienced KiCad users will be around the whole time to answer questions and

People who know KiCad already are welcome as well. For discussion as well as additional help.

You can get KiCad at (don't' use Most Linux distributions will also have a packaged version, make sure to also install the symbol and footprint libraries.

For me info, please see the handout here