Bid3 and CounterMilitarisim Mapping

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Sharing experiences of two technical and educational projects that aimed to provide support for the decentralized grass movement in Sudan.

showcase of two technical-sociopolitical projects

Bid3a: 🔗

The project aims to make socio-political interventions and creatively express themselves through the courage and symbolism of manipulating and artistically hacking tech devices around. At the core of their approach lies the intersection between art, technology, and political thought. Its strives to create something new and innovative by extensively exploring ready-made devices, operating systems, microcontrollers, and circuits. The objective is to expand their imagination, seeking to discover novel ways of socio-political existence and actively participate in the global discourse on cutting-edge technology, driven by the spirit of the ongoing Sudanese revolution.

Sudan Civic Map: 🔗

Sudan civic map is Counter-Militarisation Mapping project is a political statement that challenges the dominant narrative of the Sudan conflict. By foregrounding the experiences of civilian-led movements, the project aims to shift the focus from military-centric news towards the humanitarian efforts of these actors and alternative revolutionary practices. Through mapping and visual representation, the project asserts the importance of non-combatant actors in the Sudan conflict, subverting the conventional portrayal of the conflict as a two-party war.