Session:Pile Farty

Description Bring your Files, we are having a Party!
Type Discussion
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Subtitle Bring your Files, we are having a Party!
Starts at 2019/08/21 21:00
Ends at 2019/08/21 23:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Village:402 Payment Required

(「・ω・)「The honour of your presence is requested at Pile Farty (「・ω・)「

★​File Party★★★​​​

  1. TL;DR

A Pile Farty is a file sharing party: Everyone presents files with something very special to them that they want to share.  Files can be anything - a meme, a song, a book, a mix. Special content for special people.

Pile Farty will at some point have a complete technical infrastructure - But it's a party driven by development, so the meatware comes first.

(「・ω・)「 What's File Party?

Think copyleft + curation + meatspace + party.

★ It’s a ritual and a party. For now, Pile Farty is a meatware infrastructure. A way to discover new content without sharing our personal interests with anyone but our friends - And their friends. Intimate content curation in the age of information overload.

★ Pile Farty is an open-source project. It makes no sense to try to make it your own as it belongs to everyone. It is not a business, and it does not plan on having any revenue model.

★ A lot of technical stuff can be used (i.e. ssb, IPFS, DAT, pandoc, cryptpad). Some of it is still a bit tricky. We're working on simple tools for everyone to Pile Farty from everywhere.

(「・ω・)「 How to File Party? This is a suggested format. It is made up for the last Pile Farty that took place in June the 8th during the Homeburn - a network of houseparties.

1. Invite friends, as privately as possible (we made this basic cryptpad based app to create invites

2. Decide how open your Pile Farty should be: friends, friends and FOAFs, or a public one like the one we will do at the Chaos Camp.

3. Prepare standard houseparty stuff i.e. drinks & snacks.

4. Every guest brings a file and takes a few minutes to talk about the file they want to share. Why is it interesting and important?

5. Share files. Can upload it to a local File Party server, to IPFS, just send it by email, whatever is the easiest.

6. Hangout, chat, drink, eat.

(「・ω・)「 Who's File Party? (「・ω・)「  A bunch of friends and foafs made up the name and the format. In fact, Pile Farty is what people do anyway sometimes - share files p2p, outside any centralised platforms. We just thought that this should be celebrated and given a name. Some of us from the decentralised tech space, as well as not so tech at all. All of us are fed up with surveillance capitalism. And we wanna party.