The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone) will be present at the Camp this year again with a mobile DECT system and phone infrastructure. After setting up (tbd) base stations almost the entire area of the Ziegeleipark is covered by DECT mobile telephony reception.

You can bring your own DECT phone and register it at the Camp. So you will be able to call other Camp participants for free.

This year will be the 5th consecutive Camp with Eventphone.


You can register your extension in GURU3.

Things have changed a bit. Waiting in line is no longer necessary to register your phone. We have a blog post describing our new registration process. We even made a video for you. Unfortunately, it is in German only.


Use the DECT Phone Compatibility List to find out if a phone is known as definitely working or definitely not working. If your device is missing, please test and add it to help others.


We have outside connectivity via SIP trunk. PSTN Dialin: +49464438299 <Extension>


It is also possible to dial external German landline and mobile phone numbers. This service can only be used from the DECT and GSM network to avoid abuse.


There is some documentation available in our wiki. If you have any question please visit us at the POC Helpdesk or contact us via our Support


There will be a GSM network this year see → GSM.

After the Camp

If you don't need your DECT phone anymore after the Camp consider giving it to the POC for organizing future events.


Between Events you can still be connected to us. Register a Number in our EPVPN.

Special numbers

Please take a look at the phonebook.

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