Session:Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners - electronic kitten EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOP

Description Experimental new workshop - Surface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building an electronic touch-activated purring kitten. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 90-100mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before. Max 5 participants per session, there is a PAPER!!1! signup list in the hardware hacking area.
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) hardware, embedded
Tags electronics, workshop, smd, soldering, hardware, cat, kitten
Processing village Village:HardwareHackingArea
Person organizing User:Kliment
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
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Subtitle EXPERIMENTAL Day 1 - 20:00
Starts at 2019/08/21 20:00
Ends at 2019/08/21 21:40
Duration 100 minutes
Location Village:HardwareHackingArea

Subtitle EXPERIMENTAL Day 4 - 17:30
Starts at 2019/08/24 17:30
Ends at 2019/08/24 19:10
Duration 100 minutes
Location Village:HardwareHackingArea

This is an experimental workshop with a new kit. Things might get weird.

Takes about an hour and a half. Basic workshop. No prior knowledge needed. Materials cost 20€ per kit.

We are going to build an electronic kitten using tiny SMD parts. It will purr when you touch it right and hiss when you touch it wrong. It's going to work.

For people afraid of surface mount assembly/rework. You know those tiny little components in modern electronic devices? It's both possible and easy to assemble those by hand. You can do it, and I'll teach you how!

Think you don't have the tools? Think you can't manually place 0402s? Everything is possible with patience and practice. The equipment is minimal and you probably already have it. We'll learn the answer to THERE'S A SHORT ON A TINY PART OMG WHAT NOW? After this, you'll no longer need to be scared of SMD. Avoid caffeine immediately before the workshop, because shaky hands are a disadvantage.