Session:ConTeXt für Anfänger

Description Introduction into ConTeXt
Type Workshop
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Tags Village:LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt, LuaTeX, typography, typesetting, texlatex
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Person organizing User:Hraban
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
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Starts at 2019/08/21 14:00
Ends at 2019/08/21 15:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Village:LaTeX

Starts at 2019/08/22 14:00
Ends at 2019/08/22 15:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Village:LaTeX

Starts at 2019/08/23 14:00
Ends at 2019/08/23 15:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Village:LaTeX

Welcome to ConTeXt, the infamous alternative to LaTeX since more than 20 years!

While most designers use graphical tools, there are still areas where code based typesetting systems are fun, make sense or are even superior. While LaTeX is the most known of these, ConTeXt is used by a growing minority of ambitioned enthusiasts around the world.

The small but active and creative community of ConTeXt users and developers is always driving TeX development over new frontiers: Aleph, NTS, MetaFun, OrientalTeX, LuaTeX, mplib, LuaMetaTeX... We’re the incisors (AKA cutting edge) of the dinosaur of Open Source.

ConTeXt is most known/interesting for some advanced features like direct XML processing, plotting of scientific data with Lua and MetaPost and an integrated kitchen sink of Lua libraries. (The main developer runs his home automation system on LuaTeX...) These features are unfortunately outside of the speaker’s expertise. If you want to know more about this, consider attending ConTeXt meeting (Bassenge, Belgium, 16.–21. September).

  • Workshop in German or English depending on participants.
  • Daily, no prerequisites. Feel free to ask for other times.
  • We’ll start with installation and react to your questions and needs, e.g. how to...
    • create your own layout (or transfer some corporate design)
    • use grid setting (registerhaltiger Satz)
    • create complex tables
    • use absolute image placement on layers
    • integrate output of external programs like R, LilyPond, Markdown
    • find documentation and help

Hraban is a professional media designer using ConTeXt since 1999.