Hugging and Cuddling

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If you like to share hugs and cuddles and find other people that also do, add your contact details (or a link to your user page) to one or multiple of the sections below. Or add your own list. If you like, you can add a description of your character traits that are important to you.

We like to touch each other in public in a way that's acceptable for all bystanders without expecting anything more from each other. That's it. If you have more on your mind and would like to find a date or hook-up, please go to the Dating page. You'll have more luck there.

Cuddling works best if communication is direct and worry-free, with no-one having to think twice about sharing their feelings. This starts with knowing your own feelings, desires, and motivations. Once you are confident that you won't feel hurt when someone denies a question or action, others will start to open up and share their feelings and desires.

Just hugs :)

Hugs and some cuddles :)

  • ~30yr old long haired Hacker search female hacker for hugs and some cuddeling and of course, but also for talking (DE/EN) :) / Mail: / Twitter: @iamatthecongre1
  • 24yr old male hacker searches hacker of any gender 24±5yr old for hugs, cuddling and talking (possible topics: politics, fundamental rights, digital policy, society, humans&technology and philosophy) EN/DE Mastodon:; Twitter: @eest9; Chaospost: @eest9/Erwin @ about:freedom village
  • 42yo hacker likes to cuddle with male human beings. call 7768, Chaospost: Mischka@village:nomnom, fediverse:

Long hugs and serious cuddles :)

  • 30y short-haired and bearded male™. Likes to cuddle with everyone. Communicates very openly and directly. Shares feelings and asks others about theirs. Considers open, worry-free communication to be essential. 3125/@feuermurmel
  • Flausch Flausch,it's great. DECT 8458