This is no place to put classifieds for illicit stuff. Please note that we will have to purge this page into oblivion if someone puts ads for things of questionable legality here, rendering it inaccessible for entities who want to date/share cool things. TL;DR no drugs kthx

Hacker seeks underwear

My Merino wool Woolx brand black underwear was accidentally taken from the unisex showers. Please return my expensive underwear.

Servers seeks users (uploaders and downloaders)

See Servers, FTP.

Power seeks Hacker

  • Underutilized solar panels @Grid L;11 in search of powerbanks etc. to dump it's load. [2xUSB-A QC 3.0], [1x ISO 4165 max ~5A] and [24-27,5 VDC max 10A] DECT: 5898

Hacker seeks Software

  • Does someone have access to the toolchain for Mediatek SoCs that are used in cheap chinese Smartwatches like the DZ07? Stormwind
  • Need to reinstall my Dell Chromebook, anyone have the Chromebook USB install available for an hour? Snotje (talk)

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • Looking for a card10 badge to write some drivers for some of the sensors. ((eld))
  • Techno-blinky project Looking for PC speaker- paper membrane + amp. DECT 8089 milliways
  • x200 looking for more memory. Call 5700.
  • Hackers seek mini-USB cables to buy or borrow for the duration of Camp. (sohalt)
  • My Thinkpad (x230)'s display doesn't light up anymore; looking for a spare LCD matrix. DECT 6670.
  • My Thinkpad (x230) gets hot, but does not turn on when I aplly power. Please need help to enjoy camp. Dect 3356
  • we need a new and working Ardunio Mega (orig. or clone) for our 3D Printer DECT: 2439 or 2339
  • I'm looking for 6 LEDs with hexagon cooling backing, as well as matching drivers, colour whatever is there MikeTango (talk) 20:00, 8 August 2019 (CEST)
  • Looking for an XTC Clip for temporary use, and maybe someone who knows how to use it. I have an old HTC Smartphone (One S) which is in need of some SuperCID/S-Off/hboot-Attention for life-prolonging measures. --Larsan (talk) 10:45, 14 August 2019 (CEST)
  • Want to buy a 1-flame gas-stove ala Campingaz Bistro CCCamper (talk) 12:06, 14 August 2019 (CEST)
  • Looking for thinkpad to survive camp with. Old hardware or physical wear is no problem (DECT 2336) Bef0re (talk) 12:50, 15 August 2019 (CEST)
  • Looking for a RPi 4 with >=2 GB RAM Trurl
  • Looking for a charger for Airrizer solo to borrow vtor
  • PoC needs at least 2 TNC (female) to SMA (male) (NOT RP) cables to provide DECT coverage on the train
  • Show me your pizzabox workstation or other cool vintage Unix stuff. DECT 7001 Tjg (talk) 19:46, 16 August 2019 (CEST)
  • looking for two Ethernet/RJ45 Connectors plus someone who can crimp them to my Ethernet-Cable. The RJ45 Connectors should be compatible with Neutrik NE8MC Connectors (see List: DECT: 7890 Niklas(talk)
  • Looking for 2 ESCs (>= 5S, >= 12 A, BLHeli(32) compatible if possible) for my lawn mower C5n
  • Salzamt seeks 3D printer to print a holder for our official seal of office. /dev/lol tent @ chaos-west area.
  • Twi (talk) seeks an USB-A to anything cable which can be used to solder the USB-A cable part to a DECT charging station - at C3Wiki @ Infodesk-Tent or DECT 894.
  • PS2 Keyboard seeked by GNUMPF village to play on a c64 dtv pls. mail
  • Seek 12V power supply for a Fritzbox 7170, or any power supply with 12 volts and the option to add a new coupling (Dect 8837)
  • XFP multimode module needed for a 10G SR uplink - contact Seb (call 4712), we would be soooooo grateful! :)
  • Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. For a game installation "Codepong / Pong with Barcode Readers". Village:/dev/lol User:Aurel. Come over or call "/dev/lol lounge" on Feldtelefon network (3353).
  • Desperately looking for a universal remote control for TV to start teletext on my television (or any other hint to do so when you have lost remote control). User:Mc_odr at village Village:Lemanicus.
  • welding torch and expertise needed for broken bollerwagen (pls call 8080)
  • Looking for rad1o badge extensions stuff (RF-Kit, SMA-Connector...) Contact Yolo via Rocketchat (or DECT 4656)
  • Looking for a blue or white card10 voucher to bring a card10 home as a birthday present for a friend. Twitter: @0x378 DECT 6849
  • Hacker seeks Thinkpad power connector, old round or new one, with some working cable. Maybe damaged power supply. Ask for Simon at Village: ChaosZone Thanks.
  • Hacker looking for simple earplugs with a _microphone_ and a regular headphone plug. Contact me by mail (mail [at] or in the Fediverse: Thanks!
    • Have above mentioned earplugs with mic available, will not send mail. Call me on 2701 Snotje (talk)
  • Boat looking for solar panels: interested in anything "not too big", i.e. 50 to 150 Wp maybe? flexible or rigid panels. Also, if anyone has a 12V MPPT charge controller or spare LiFePo 12V batteries they'd want to get rid of, let me know. DECT 7547 Jeedi (talk) 20:51, 22 August 2019 (CEST)
  • Gas bottle for a camping gas stove is needed. Can exchange one for the one I have (for another model) or buy one. Let me know please! +33620284480 on any messenger. Aerodynamika
  • I have three camping gas cartridges available, not using phone number-based messengers though. Call me at DECT 3270 if you still need it. Clavi
  • Searching for a FPP2 ore FPP3 mask. Kreativmonkey
  • Hacker looking for a Lenovo T440s replacement LCD (Full HD IPS 14"). Call 2460 if you have something that might work.
  • Zoé would like to borrow a Nikon D3xxx battery charger (bat. model EN-EL14a) to recharge battery. DECT 3536 or
  • Hacker looking for Midi Controller Keyboard. DECT: 4456
  • Looking for Ortlieb Quick-Lock 2.1 Rubber Pads (10mm) for Low-Rider Bags see here in exchange for new ones (Delivery to Camp via GLS is delayed but I need them ASAP): Please contact me via DECT: 8973 or camp19<youknowwhat>
  • Looking for a cheap Raspberry Pi or similar SBC with good upstream kernel support (no abandoned shit with obsolete kernels pls). Specs unimportant, it just has to still work. DECT 3270 Clavi
  • WlkO'Rety is looking for two (or maybe more) plain yellow T-shirts, no prints. Size M or S preferred, but not required. DECT:7389 (RETY) or hackint:wlkO`Rety
  • Looking for a hardware keylogger. Call DENI (3364) or mail Deni (talk)

Software seeks Hacker

  • C3DeX is a project developed during CCCamp 2019 that aims to provide a safe place for hackers to keep track of the precious friends and memories they make at Camp/Congress. It's looking for hackers to play around with it and enjoy it! (feedback, suggestions, bug reports and contributions welcome)
  • EightOS bodymind operating system is looking for the humans who want to try the concept out - body as the hardware, movement patterns as the software. Sessions at 17.30 on the day 3 and 18.00 on the day 4 — hackcenter as a meeting point
  • anyone want to play with lightning network transfers, single satoshi's whatnot, I'm testing out my node, stop by milliways ask for kupo or email CCCamp2019<a_t>

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • Extreme OffRoad Hoverboard, with 800 watt on EACH of the 2 wheels. 100 euro or make me an offer. Dect 2701 or email to Snotje (talk)

  • There's an oldish Iridium handset gathering dust in my basement; if anyone has a even better use for it, I'll bring it to camp and it's up for grabs. The same goes for a motley assortment of 1.75 mm filament rolls. Stray (talk) 21:19, 8 August 2019 (CEST)
  • I would like to update my Nokia 6310, Nokia 6230, or Samsung SGH-D600 to a firmware that can do AMR voice encoding as used in Eventphone GSM Network. I don't have access to the proper cables and software. Plz halp. Call 6066 LeDoc
  • I have a roll of Bilderdraht 2,0mm up for grabs. (Looks like steel wire rope with a synthetic core). tragkraft bei korrecter Anwendung: ca. 3kg vtor
  • Immoral offer you just can't refuse: i got my grubby hands on quite some nice anti collision lights for wind turbines. 5 LEDs each, lots of corrosion but the form factor is awesome, if you can fix n of them you can keep n/2 (+1 for in case of rounding errors) MikeTango (talk) 21:47, 13 August 2019 (CEST)
    • Could you please provide some information on how to contact you? How many lights do you have, what is the defect? - 0x378 DECT: 0x378
  • I have a Makita MAKPAC Size 1 Systainer to trade for a Sortimo (Bosch) BOXX Fraxinas
  • I have a RPi SPI Flasher with a SOIC-8 clip and I'm happy to help you flash your ThinkPad with Coreboot/Libreboot. Bring your own binaries. DECT 7001. tjg
  • MacBook Pro 2012 (9,1), 15" anti-glare 1680×1050, i7 QC 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, 2 x 512GB SSD (OptiBay), NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, 2 power bricks, bag, VGA+DVI dongle Trurl
  • i've brought an sewing maschine, some fabric remnants and tools. if you want to repair you trousers, take up sleeves, sew up buttons, add something fancy to your cloths… call DECT 3742
  • card10 micro-usb to usb-c adapter : for free (17x left) DECT 4651
  • card10 village has a (metric) ton of fully connected USB-C to -A cables for 5€/piece
  • 3 x siemens-nixdorf chipkartenleser B1 (mit seriellem anschluss): DECT 6082
  • 2 1 x d-link de-855 COAX-UTP media converter: DECT 6082
  • 7 x DLT-IV tape + 1 DLT cleaning cartridge: DECT 6082
  • Arcade buttons in different colors, for free if you have a use for it. Not clicky, no fancy mechanism, but just fun colourful retro-looking buttons. Call DECT 2336 Bef0re (talk) 15:26, 22 August 2019 (CEST)
  • Uchuuchuu Onsen is closing up!! Get stuff while it and you are hot.
    • Maslow CNC kit (including frame if you can transport it) - 200 euros or something interesting!! Come on down to the onsen to claim!
    • Tatami floor and kotatsu-style wooden table (free!).
    • Single floor-standing point source loudspeaker made and arted at camp. Free to a hacker that wants to play more with it.
    • Silly japanese halloween costumes from Tokyo
  • Please take my fridge. Half-height, A+ energy standard, make and offer and it's yours. DECT 4735.
  • I have a TS 100 soldering iron with open source firmware that I don't need anymore. Fnord

card10 seeks Hacker

  • I have a assembled and fully working card10 badge to exchange for 20€, another cool badge / open source project, or other interesting hardware. Come to BmOP and ask for niklas / write schnabelvier(at)

Wide instruction set seeks hacker

  • A HP BladeCenter with 4 (+ one broken) BL60p Itanium 2 (Madison) blades and two Cisco switch blades seeks a new home. Come see it at Village:Dragon Sleep Pwn Sector if you're interested.

Hardware seeks NewLife

  • Motherboard AsRock C2750D4l most probably affected by Atom C2000 bug is searching for a hacker able to get it to a new satisfying life computing and rolling. [1] [2]. Write to prcd666 [at] for/to help.

grappa seeks hacker

  • come to Vatican Embassy, tell us an interesting fact, win some grappa. (mittelab - 6488)

hacker seeks hack

  • engineer based in leipzig but willing to move to france, netherlands, scandinavia,..., is looking for a new interesting job. Dect 4944 or chaospost: nessla @haecksen

air-to-air missile seeks target

. Available, come and find me. Snotje (talk)

Hacker seeks heat source

  • Hacker looking for a heat source of about 500W to keep the tent warm at night. Heat dissipation by forced air preferred. Heat should be offered by either stored solar heat (be nice to the environment) or do some usefull (=no crypto currency mining) electricity-to-heat conversion; folding at home, stuff like that.

Hacker seeks haircut

  • We are two hackers with v long hair and want to donate it to a hair foundation. Li0n
  • one person with short hair looking for a even shorter hair cut. i've brought an hair trimmer. please call 3742 (DECT) if you can imagine.
  • one person with long hair seeks someone to shorten the hair a bit. Please call DECT 2908 if you can help. Thanks!

Hacker seeks Merchandis

  • eest9 is looking for Merchandis T-Shirt and Zipper from 35c3 in "S". (Mastondon:
  • I have a fitted Camp Zipper S to sell or trade for a larger size (taking hoodies too) crunsher

Hacker seeks Cash

  • … in exchange for PayPal or bank transfer (because there’s no cash machine at the camp site). noniq
  • Cash would be nice. For PayPal or bitcoins. +33620284480 messengers aerodynamika
  • I'm selling EUR for BTC, BTC for EUR and BTC for GBP. Up to 250 EUR. Amounts above 50 EUR may require ~60 min biketrip to Geldautomat. Cash only. DECT 7001. 4pm-2am tjg

Hacker seeks dad puns

  • Call 6663 and tell me a pun. Hang up immediately!!!

Hacker seeks mum puns

  • Call 4850 and tell me a pun. Hang up immediately!!!

Hacker seeks invite

  • We (small group, M&F) want to join your playparty!

Invite seeks hacker

  • redacted, myanonamouse, broadcasthenet, bibliotik, ast4u, learnflakes, IPT, gazelleGames. Willing to trade for other interesting invites. (YvZeD)
  • Got bounced at the Micro-Berghain club? Call 5656 and I might get you on the guest list.

Human seeks human

  • Naked swimming, spanking or 420 date wanted. 38 year old cis gendered queer male.
  • asexual small cute cuddly human being looks for romantic and nonromantic cuddles and hugs. message me @
  • Looking for vapers to reenact the following video: [3]. Gopper (talk)
  • Autust M4x looking for female. Enjoying the Camp, cuddeling and intimacy. Saiposexual. DECT 8488
  • Looking for somebody to help me stitch/sew the velcro back onto the wristband of my badge. DECT 2304 (DE[pref]/EN) Izu
  • A super-talkative beardy human being looking for a female. If you're into honest conversations with as few taboos as possible, meet me at:
  • Looking for anyone else doing formal software verification with computer verified proofs. (Could also be non-human.) Drahflow
  • Group (m&f) of open minded / kinky people looks for like-minded humans for: meetup, chat, cuddle, bondage, experiments, shower session, massage ...
  • Go player (~12k) seeks other player for a game. See me at zsh, board and stones are placed outside at the crossways of „Mushroom City“ and „Dry Dry Desert“ [4]
  • Nerdy male (37yo, village chaos west) looking for female human being to share time and more Mythozz (talk)
  • kinky 21yo m looks for f who would like to try out trampling or has some xperience with it. contact me at
  • Young hacker (21, M) looking for someone my age to hang out with. Call DENI (3364) or mail Deni (talk)

  • set your location to "Mildenberg" in okcupid to experience extraordinary dating things. maybe.
    • rather set it to Zehdenick, otherwise you are in Bavaria/Bayern
  • make sure your tinder, feeld, etc is using the correct location and keep swiping. :)

Entity seeks Entity

  • Nonbinary femme android offering interesting conversations. Primarily interested in fellow queer folk and questioning entities. Accepts food, headpats, interesting porn. Let's talk a bit before meeting. sirenensang
  • queer femboy offering intimacy and more Neoflock
  • FTM cute switch seeks dom or top (any gender) for kinky playtime - either dick me down or make me do stuff - also open for chatting, regular sex and threesomes/orgies - I'm super sweet, send text to GSM 7567 and we'll talk !
    • no gsm access otherwise I would have messaged,any other contact info?
  • puppy offers playtime. Accepts headscratches, bellyrubs, good conversation and more. Advi
  • Kinky male (Switch) ~30y with diverse interests looking for a cis female for a nice chat and/or good time and/or some playtime in KinkyGeeks village. send sms or call 2969 mrbig
  • Tripsitter looking for tripsittee or like-minded entities who like to enhance their dull existence with mind-altering chemicals. (25/male/queer(pansexual)/dom/versatile/neurodiverse/emacs/nixos). Let's talk before meeting. (/query tjg on, DECT 7001) No, I won't sell you stuff. tjg
  • ~30yo bi-poly-kinky-man looking for a fellow human being for a social experiment, answering together to the 30 questions to fall in love, nothing serious, just a random social experiment to have meaningful conversation and maybe more. [EN][FR]

Not looking for a romantic date? Just want a cuddle?

Go to Hugging and Cuddling. :)

Long hair seeks Hacker

  • If any (female) hacker want to play with (shoulder) long (male) hair or create nice hairstyle - contact me (DE/EN) :)
    • Mail: / Twitter: @iamatthecongre1

OM314 seeks Hacker

  • need mechanic

Hacker seeks data

  • Looking for "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" (Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy) audiobook in german. A friend needs to get his Wissenslücke fixed. Please upload it to one of the FTP servers and leave a note here or via mail. Fnord Prefect
    • My phone broke while we called. I wanted to tell you about something ending with .18.81 and a folder named "etc" Bef0re (talk) 22:24, 24 August 2019 (CEST)
    • Ah, I wasn't sure if the DECT problem was on your side or on mine. Anyway, thanks a lot! This will make someone very happy. :-)

Italian Hackers seek Wifi

  • -90dBm -.-
    • If you have poor WiFi in your village, drop by the NOC and we might be able to help you out :-) --AK47 (talk) 14:51, 23 August 2019 (CEST)

Digital Radio transmitter seek radio =

Compressor seeks c3dust

  • Compressor seeks c3dust in your device @ZSH village crossing Dry Dry Desert and Mushroom City

Otters seeks Otters

  • The otters of BmOP are looking forward to extend the otter family. If you think you're an otter (something something cute twink with interesting knowledge to share) come by and enjoy some slush and otter :3 Telegram: @Jan_Henrik