Help make CCC Camp 2011 awesome! - Call for Design

Chaos Communication Camp 2011
August 10th thru August 14th 2011
Finowfurt near Berlin, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way

Update: There's a directory now containing some Camp CI files that might be useful. We'll publish some more within the next days, so keep an eye on it. Files can be found here:

Do you like providing infrastructure, so others will come and do awesome things?
Do you like designing?
Do you get things done?
Do you thrive working in a team?
Do you not mind being flamed?

CCC Camp 2011 needs a logo and a design.

Ideally, we need teams to do these tasks. Each team should have at least:
... one professional graphics designer
... a person able to add pictures and information to our wiki
... a person able to uphold communication w/ orga team
... a person who has profound experience working with print companies and t-shirt manufacturers

Found a team?

Next steps:

Find a base theme!
Draft and submit!
Beyond drafting, be ready to actually get these things done:

Ready? Draft, submit, earn epic flames and finally kudos!

Submit an URL showing your drafts to:

Deadline is: April 18th, 2011


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