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The School of Hacking Art, first presentation in Europe

There is a unique Russian experience of learning hacking art in a noble environment, like karate-do Zen schools. How hackers could support such Center in a city? Everything is possible, plus an official hobby-club program for hackers. Consult the Founder of the first School of Hacking art, that was opened in December of 1996.

Who AtH
Where Geraffel village
Language English
When Day 2, 3 @ 0:0,

Duration: 24h

Links The School has livejournal

hscool stands for “Hacking School is Cool”!

The School is traditional social interface to the Real Life, that proved to help people, who are most fond of their Arts. This event will feature a short history of the School, the reason and purpose of its creation and how the School of hacking can help hackers and community.

There will be a short example seminar, that would demonstrate some of educational techniques, that were already developed. I will share with hackers my experience in organizing real-life and Internet seminars, in supporting the first hackers' Center in Moscow. What is hard and what is easy in hacking, that is more modern Zen way, when compared to old kung-fu and karate-do schools.

May be I will give a prophecy of computer Shaolin and Temples of free software, who knows? There were journalist reports about the School in Germany, but this is the first presentation of the School in Europe, so be prepared for everything!



[edit] Abstract

Project: Civil Hackers' School
Founder: Ilya V. Vasilyev (Arvi the Hacker)
Time/place of opening: 9 December 1996 / Moscow, Russia
Time/place of European presentation: August, 2007 / Finowfurt near Berlin, Germany
Remote groups: NASM, GCC study groups
Social activities:
  • Free Kevin Demonstration (under 2600 supervision)
  • Dmitry Sklyarov anti-DMCA protests (under EFF supervision)
  • SPRYG hackers gatherings in Moscow, Russia (original activities)

[edit] Official European Presentation

Official Presentation was on Day 3, 11:00am at Shelter FOO.

You can enjoy my pdf with slides after the event, and ask questions. Today (11th of August) is the last day, I'm in the Camp.

[edit] Links

[edit] German Mass Media coverage

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