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This cheat-sheat shall help Heralds do their job by listing the most important checklist items. If you have something to add - feel free, it's a wiki!


[edit] Before the talk

  1. Be in your shelter at least 15 minutes in advance
  2. Verify that sufficient water supply for the speaker. If more is needed, call FOOD at 3663 or heaven at 1023 to request some. Insist on water for the speaker if they say they are low on water.
  3. Prepare a short introduction of the speaker(s) and session (see the schedule and speaker page for content). Your announcement can be as short or long as you wish; at the very least mention the speaker's name and topic. Be creative, but don't overdo it.
  4. Get to know your angels. Identify the two audio angels and one video angel.
    1. If angels are missing 5min before the session starts, call the heaven at 1023 and request some.
  5. Wait for the presenter to show up
    1. If presenter is missing 5min before the session start, call the conference coordination at 2106
  6. Prepare with the presenter
    1. Guide him to the audio angel to be "cabled" with a headset microphone
    2. Verify Presenter Name and pronounciation
    3. Verify Session Title
    4. Discuss how questions and answers should be taken:
      1. How much time for Q & A
      2. When to show the 15-10-5min timeout signs (timeout to end of session, or timeout towards Q&A?), and who gives the sign
      3. Remind presenter that he should repeat interjections, and that audience should use the Microphone for questions
  7. Verify that projection works, and if there are problems you can't resolve, call TabascoEye at 3224
  8. Verify that audio, video and presenter are ready

[edit] Kicking off the talk

  1. Take the hand mike ("Keule") and verify it's open
  2. Get on or in front of the stage, make your introduction, and then hand over to the speaker

[edit] During the talk

Stick around to detect trouble before it occurs, and take corrective action, such as

  • if the speaker's Microphone is sliding off and he is not audible anymore, walk up an correct
  • if audience disturbs by talking, walk up and ask them (friendly!) to stop
  • other kinds of technical or organizational issues

[edit] Last but not least

If the speaker starts late due to technical problems on your end, you may allow them to overdraw it by some 10min. Use common sense; folks need a break! Be friendly at all times, no matter how much someone might p*ss you off. In case of a real security problem, call 110 to summon HonkHase, don't do it for fun. In case of a medical emergency, call 112 to summon someone from the CERT.

And whatever happens... DON'T PANIC! Call volty at GEEK (4335) instead.

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