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Quite some people are interested in projects involving hardware and solering irons. The idea is to dedicate an area in the Hackcenter for such projects and all interested people and groups organize it.

[edit] Questions

  • Who wants to join the hardware lab?

Mitch does. Fahrplan/events/1949.en.html

Ab3nd does.

Long does.

  • Who brings what?

Some people already offered to bring some cheapo soldering irons that can be shared with other projects or groups. There is the possibility to store things at the Infopoint while the hardware lab is unattended.

Mitch will bring 3 cheap solder irons and 3 sets of tools and a multimeter that are available for sharing.

Ab3nd will bring a cheap soldering iron, a nice soldering iron, solder, solder wick, a multimeter and some kits. The kits will be given away for free, and he will be able to help with assembling them.

  • Who uses the area when?

Obviously there should be a schedule for workshops and bigger projects as there will be only a limited number of soldering irons and so on.

Mitch wants to be at the Hardware Lab for at least 2 hours each day to teach people how to solder and build cool things with microcrontollers -- I'm flexible with times. How shall we determine a schedule? I can help out with other peoples' workshops. I can use help with mine, too -- anyone available?

I'm not sure how to make a separate page. So if anyone has plans for workshops, how about adding them here? We can all meet at the Hardware Lab at Camp, work out some scheduling that works for everyone, and have fun with solder. [Mitch]

Ab3nd will be there a few hours a day as well.

  • What's the deal with the power adapters for Ab3nd's simple logic analyzers?

The logic analyzers use a 5V tip-positive DC power supply. The connector is a "M type" plug, which is 5.50 mm OD × 2.10 mm ID. Ab3nd comes from the US, so he could not get a 220V input (German power) version of these adapters before he left. The adapters are probably available at the Conrad Electronics in Berlin's Hermannplatz, but Conrad's web site only lists high-end, high current models.

Sorry about the lack of adapters, but Ab3nd has not been able to arrange transportation into Berlin to get them.

  • Where is the software for the logic analyzers?

Ab3nd uses The Fabulous Logic Analyzer, available from http://tfla-01.berlios.de/

If you use windows, the following software might work, but has not been tested. http://www.xs4all.nl/~jwasys/old/diy2.html

[edit] Ideas for promoting the Lab

  • direct contact to other hardware geeks
  • article at the Camp Weblog
  • mail at camp-announce

[edit] Workshops

Workshop >
Hacking with Microcontrollers

Learn how to make microcontrollers do whatever you want by actually making fun projects at the Camp -- blink lights, hack your brain, move objects, turn off TVs in public places -- microcontrollers can do it all.

Who Mitch
Where Hardware Lab
Language English
When Day every @ ?,

Duration: 02:00

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