SIGINT09 - final8

22. - 24. Mai, Köln

Scott Beibin
Day Pranks, Bugs, and Insecurities - 2009-05-23
Room Konferenzraum (MP6)
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00
ID 3246
Event type Lecture
Language used for presentation English

Culture Hacking and Evolutionary Technologies

Considered, Synthesized, Digested, and Defecated.

VJ Scott Beibin of Lost Film Fest and Scientists Are The New Rockstars (USA) presents an hour long presentation incorporating storytelling and modern media archaeology by exploring the means in which media has been used by the forces of social change to achieve great feats of mass information dissemination and meme manifestation.

Beibin believes that when the proprietary forces of intellectual property and militarism began to dabble with concept of creating a global communication system with the arpanet, it marked the beginning of a new era in human evolution of thought unbound, as well as the beginning of the collapse of institutional market and social control as it began it's clamor towards suicide. The question remains as to what to create from the wreckage of this particular economic collapse how the occupants of our backwater planet in the western spiral arm of the milky way galaxy can help to steer this ship toward a direction that implies survival of life on earth.

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