SIGINT09 - final8

22. - 24. Mai, Köln

Johannes Grenzfurthner
Day Pranks, Bugs, and Insecurities - 2009-05-23
Room KOMED Saal (MP7)
Start time 22:00
Duration 02:00
ID 3239
Event type Other
Language used for presentation German

Harsh Conditions

Eine Rollenspiel-Extravaganza

monochrom will bring good old role-playing to the big stage.

Basic concept: The show will be a mixture of improvisational theatre, story telling and freeform role-playing, played with minimal rules and a greater focus on character or plot development, with the organizers as referees.

Gamemaster: Johannes Grenzfurthner (using very minimalistic GURPS rule set)

Players: Some of the prominent guests of SIGINT. But it's a secret.

Storyline: Will not be discussed yet. But it's secret.

Live Music: Jonathan Mann

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