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musterhausen hamburg flugtaxi 1 no space for luggage exampleuser
Hamburg Eisenach/Erfurt/Leipzig Auto 3 - DECT: 6952
Hamburg Köln (Oberbergisches Land) Electric car 2 Leaving 37c3 at 30th. around 10am Matrix: , DECT 5449
Hamburg Hbf Würzburg Hbf Ice Train 1 30 euros. We booked one ticket too much. Departure 31.12. 07:23 / arrival 11:32. maustel
Berlin Gesundbrunnen Hamburg Kastenwagen mit Ladefläche 1 space for luggage, departure wednesday around 12+- CargoCultScientist
Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heidelberg, etc. Hamburg ICE train 1 what ever you can take on a train JayOnRails
Hamburg Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heidelberg, etc. ICE train 1 what ever you can take on a train JayOnRails
Berlin Hamburg old camper 3 the sixth place has no Belt. Departure on 27.12. (friedrichshain) 9:30/10:00 patate
Hamburg Düsseldorf/Rhineland Region medium Size Car (EV) 2 Departure on 31.12. near CCH latest 13:00 biohazard or DECT foto (3686) during the Event
Hamburg Aachen (via Bremen, Münster, Duisburg, Düsseldorf oder via Hannover, Bielefeld, Dortmund, Köln) Rental car 2/4 On 31.12 37c3-aixpressⓐ or ask at CCCAC Assembly
berlin hamburg car van 2 departure on 25.12. 13:00 CET in Köpenick LostInWeb@Matrix LostInWeb@Threema LostInWeb@Wiki
Hamburg Aarau, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Frankfurt Car 1 Space for some luggage / gear, have a driver's license pls
Utrecht (NL) Hamburg Car 2 27./31.12.23Will be driving from NL to Hamburg. Can pick people on the route to Hamburg @piiindakaas
Hamburg Stuttgart (or in between, over Rhein-Ruhr) ICE train 1 On 30., ICE 617, spare seat on group ticket, around 18€ DavidS
Hamburg Dortmund Car 2, maybe 3, very-maybe 4 Leaving on 30.12. around 17:30 and looking for companions dan37c3
Hamburg Berlin ICE707 1 On 31., ICE 707 (11:36-13:22), looking to trade for an ICE train on 30th @k0rrupt

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münchen hamburg need space for equipment for komona (don't necessarily need to be in the car myself) sjaelv
stuttgart or karlsruhe area hamburg 26th late or 27th 1 hacker + luggage fl0id
augsburg hamburg need space/transport for assembly projects (~2 euroboxes, two 100x70cm plates, no human included) krobin
Burgkirchen near Burghausen/Altötting Hamburg an Back date: 25-30.12 hama
bielefeld hamburg 27.12. two persons with rucksacks AndreaGe
colgone Hamburg 26/27.12 one human with small luggage,not my first,flexible hackbard []
hamburg cologne 29/30.12 one human with small luggage,not my first,flexible hackbard []
Hamburg Leipzig 2024-01-01 need space for a folding bike, equivalent to a medium suitcase frainz
Hamburg Leipzig/Saxony 29/30/31st dec one human with backpack looking for a ride back to leipzig (or the general area) iameru
Marburg Hamburg 25.12.23 One person with two bagpacks. Can drive to a place near your route with my Deutschlandticket. binbash
Ulm / Süddeutschland Hamburg 25.12.23 One person with a backpack, and two bags. flexible mail
Hamburg Saarbrücken 30./31.12.23 Every location near Saarland is fine as well jm_rtr
Hamburg Augsburg/Munich/South Ger. 30./31.12.23 incl. 3 small bags nanashi0x74
Hamburg Berlin 30.12. midday 1-2 people 2 medium size backpacks hugo matrix
Hamburg Hessen From Now (15.30 D4) Id like to get home :) DECT 2706