Apple Platforms: iOS, tvOS, macOS

  • Congress - 37C3: iOS & tvOS app and macOS app from Toto
    • Uses official Fahrplan data from the Hub
    • Includes reminder and change push notifications
    • video streams VoD & live, incl. download
    • Optional iCloud sync for favorites
    • c3nav links (TBD)
    • Talk recommendations
    • In the "Nachtstudio Hub und Fahrplan-Apps" talk (klick) Toto explained the code would not be presentable. He thinks publishing code like this would be a bit embarrassing 🙈.
    • requires iOS 17 (iPhone 11+)
  • vocTV iOS app
    • Access to all past and current c3voc recodings of all events as video on demand & download
    • Live video streams (if available)
    • Videos contain translation audio tracks and closed captions (if available)
    • Optional iCloud sync for watchlist
    • by abcdev

Sailfish OS

  • Congress
    • Very basic and experimental. Needs some love!


Platform Independent