Dating 🐱‍💻

Hacker seeks what they lost

  • I lost/misplaced my laptop
    • Thinkpad T14 with a black and white rabbit on the front
    • Milliways sticker on the back
    • Hacking in Parallel sticker on the back
    • Saal H (assemblies) or nearby corridors
    • Please return to Lost and Found, They have my contact info.
    • Help much appreciated.
    • Matrix:
  • I lost/misplaced my glasses
    • either in H2 or on the way to Dammtor station
    • grey/black/blueish with rectangular lenses
    • Mastodon:
    • Matrix:
  • ACAB earrings
  • I lost/misplaced the right earbud of my KZ ZSN PRO X (bluetooth) headphones (only the earbud, not the bluetooth receiver, curse modular electronics! :D )
    • Maybe somewhere on the way from cashdesk to H2?
    • black backside, medium in-ear tip
    • Mastodon:
    • Matrix:
  • I lost a wooden bowl
  • I lost my ring
    • silver with two parallel bands that are not smooth connected with a smooth smaller band
    • Valentin at Spline Assembly.

Hacker seeks Mitfahrgelegenheit

  • I would be very thankful about being taken down the A7 any amount, or just being dropped at a good hitchhiking spot! DECT 2706

Hackers seek place to do raclette on new year's eve

  • Group of 5 Hackers from Saarland (4 males, 1 woman, between 30 and 40) looking for a place to do raclette on the 31th. Our Hotel room is suboptimal due to size and smell.
    • We are not into classic crowded new years eve parties. We are open to meet with others and share a location and have drinks together
    • We do not want to participate in or attend fireworks
    • We bring our own raclette, it can serve 6 ppl
    • We bring our own food and also can bring drinks for others as well
    • Let's meet at Aachen an der Saar Assembly if you want to know who we are., contact bausparfuchs (dect 2288, mastodon

DJ Seeks DJ

  • Angehender DJ sucht Anschluss an Andere^^ @teel

Hacker seeks party for New Years Eve

  • Where is a party 31.12.?

Hacker seeks food

  • Share tea with wonderful people at the House of Tea. Either by brewing it and making the tea flow or as an in-kind donation for later. See assembly.
  • Tea-Mobile: I will come to you and brew fresh tea if you call on DECT TMOB (8662).
  • From 8 pm you can pick up a warm "Glühtschunk" in the Chaoszone. Please bring your own cup, we only have a very limited supply.

hacker (w) seeks hard tech / (psy)Trance / Hardcore floor

  • vllt nächste Jahr nicht nur schneckno?
    • 🫶🏻
    • <3
    • Ich frage nächstes Jahr mal früher nach einem Slot.. Ich spiele so Musik. - Alexeyan
      • J@@@@ bitte mach das, deine sets bei den letzten beiden GPNs waren fantastisch und ich hör die immernoch ab und an bei der Arbeit wenn ich chaos vermissung habe <3

Food seeks hacker

Hacker seeks Data

  • I collect leaked chip datasheets, specifications and/or any paywalled standards to archive and provide to the community. If you want to donate call DECT 4526, email with a Signal number or find me at Namecoin desk at Critical Decentralisation Cluster in Hall 3 and ask for Hugo. See my talk (Adventures in Reverse Engineering Broadcom NIC Firmware) for examples of good things that happen from giving me data. Any confidentiality requests or terms will be honoured without exception; e.g. I can be trusted with watermarked docs. If you're looking for something instead, it's also worth asking if I have it. @hlandau
  • Breachdata: Linkedin (any), Zynga(2019) contact @fellmoon
  • Olympus RC 200 remote shutter release infrared dump (e.g. for Olymus Mju II), DM: @athena
  • Mercedes Hybrid CAN dumps / Information about FBS4 personalization procedure - please contact
  • 80s/90s/2000s Cartoons/Animation - contact @knilz DECT 2600
  • Looking for a loot of episodes of the former German TV show WDR Computerclub - DM:
  • Intel Tofino SDE > Version 9.13 and Tofino2 asic models-
  • Breachdata/ real-world password data for analysis and statistics @tomate46 (small t in URL, Capital T in message system - both case-sensitive -- wtf?!)
  • I am searching for an offline copy of the WorldFengur database of Icelandic horses. @Mecrisp
  • Looking for crochet guides - please contact DECT: 9382
  • Firmware files and everything related to Samsung Smartwatches (Especially for Galaxy Watch 4, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S2 Classic) - please contact or DECT 3502
  • Looking for a Qualcomm 9008 "firehose" programming file to fix a software-bricked Google Pixel 4a - feel free to contact on Matrix or @Sellerie on Telegram.
  • I am searching for 5.1 surround audio files t play in our dodecaeder. / 5503
  • I am looking for documentation and manuals of weird and wonderful CPUs. Please upload to
  • looking for videos from the Connections reboot, "Making It So" audio book, and Dagsson comics, as well as specifc recent DIN EN norms (from 2021/2022, the ones I've seen on FTP are older versions) DN @garfield, or
  • looking for videos from the Connections reboot, "Making It So" audio book, and Dagsson comics, DN @garfield, or
  • looking for the lossless version of "Fall on my sword - captain kirk song" I know filesharing but i don't want to search for it. I won't ever be able to pee again without asking myself why he climbed that mountain - srsh
  • looking for firmware files for a garmin 955 solar or someone with rooted device with garmin connect linked to such a watch @ari23

Hardware seeks Hacker

Check also the fleamarket page.

  • Looking for self-hosted GitLab admin to pick their brain on an GitHub sync issue 🙏 ❤️ @fjahr
  • PinePhone 3GB edition. Matrix:
  • MacBook Air M1 (8GB RAM, 512GB Storage, Silver): j (ae)
  • 2 x unused card10 badges ... both have broken displays, please help me fix one and keep the other? )
  • about a dozen LED remotes: More info here. They have been reverse engineered here. Ask piko on mastodon
  • various synthesizer PCBs (Serge/CGS, Euro) - contact @knilz DECT 2600
  • 1x unused card10 badge, working condition (hook&loop needs some sewing) (reserved)
  • 1x used Beaglebone Black Rev. C (1 Ghz ARM, 512 MB DDR3L, 4 GB eMMC), no accessories
  • 3x Aastra/Mitel Charging Cradle for all of the 6XX Phones, call me at 4110, or
  • 1x 1.54″ SoluM ST‐GR16000 Zigbee E-Ink display @fez
  • Colorlight 75 IO mod PCBs (as long as stock lasts) @marble
  • Hack A Day Conference Badge bare PCBs @Spida DECT 4217
  • ESP32 (Heemol - ASIN B0CHNRBXHS) - @JDT DECT 8200
  • USB-C to HDMI cable 1m - 15€ - @JDT DECT 8200
  • Nadeldrucker Vintage Star LC-10 J120, parallel port, good Linux support @dkx DECT 4033
  • E3D Toolchanger 3D Printer, 4 tools (2xV6, 2x Volcano), all genuine e3d parts, good condition, not really used: shipping only. DECT: 7997, @acidburns87
  • Price Drop Juniper EX2300 C 12P POE+ Switch, make me an offer, hopefully ~325€ or in exchange for something I "need" t0my
  • "Achtung Frisch Gecybert", "Breitband, Vernetzungsgefahr" and "Radio Hazard" signs in style of "Wet floor" signs. The material cost was around 10€/sign. Come and grab one at the Home of Making assembly or @c22
  • Merchandise / FOC has some old cash registers to give away for a donation (call 1362)
  • 5x CR2032 Battery. CCC-FFM, on top of the switch at our table, just grab one (pay what you want if, if anything) and update count here in the wiki -
  • Mini Oscilloscope DS213 - Miniware - call 6292,
  • 14.1" MVA panel that can theoretically be retrofitted into a Thinkpad T400 (which are known for their bad displays). It fits physically and is electrically compatible, but some (about 6) lanes of the FPC/FFC cable need to be swapped, they have a ~0.4 mm pitch. I tried it but didn't succeed. 3 of those adapters that don't work, datasheets, PIN-swapping notes are included. Model is CMO G141C1-L01 Pics: 1 2 3 If interested: @milan27
  • Thinkpad X200 with display mod: AFFS display HV121WX4-120 with Nichia LED Daylight mod. 3x3:3 MIMO wifi card AR5BHB112, runs open-source firmware. All 3 internal wifi antennas are connected. I/0 subcard from X201 (faster). Webcam, USB 3.0 ExpressCard, Mainboard with Intel C2D P8800. US layout keyboard. Ultrabase with HDD bay adapter. Incl. replacement HSF (heatsink and fan assembly). Maybe a 2nd wifi card can be added into the WWAN slot, not sure if there are issues with the antenna characteristics for the different radio bands. SSD = Samsung 850 PRO 512GB. Libreboot flashed. 8 GB RAM (max possible) with highest clocking. In very good physical shape, was mostly almost always in the ultrabase docking station. This Thinkpad (like the T400/T500) is the last generation where the ME region in the BIOS chip (containing its proprietary, infamous "ring -3" OS) can be completely removed. 600 EUR (= about what I have paid for all the components). If interested: @milan27

I have a Bag of Thinkpad Trackpoint Rubberdomes, the Standard one Ping me at or DECT 4110

Hacker seeks Plushie

  • Happy to be a new home for plushies - contact email: elsewheredisk(Æt)

Hacker seeks Merch

  • looking for a 37c3 Zipper (Black, Size: L). DM or or DECT/GSM 8735
  • looking for a 37c3 T-Shirt (Black, Size: XL). pls contact me :)

Merch seeks Hacker

  • I have a GPN 2023 shirt (fitted, size L, but it is much smaller than usual M sizes more like S IMHO) I don't use. If you wanna, hit me up! - DECT: 7845, Mastodon:, Matrix: or forum DM

Hacker seeks Hardware

looking for a flipper zero. / DECT 4443

Hacker seeks Cable

  • looking for a "Coros Pace 2" Sports watch cable to charge my watch @chaosjoe /
  • looking for around 2M 10G SFP+ DAC @anounyym1
  • looking for a buzzer/red button /SIP 6886
  • looking for charger for Radioddity GD-77,
  • looking for a RCA Cable 6617
  • looking for a LCD-monitor-cable 30-pin for Lenovo Thinkpad L15
  • looking to borrow K-type programming cable (Baofeng, Quansheng etc.) for 5min

Hacker seeks misc

  • Hacker seeks 2 esp32-s2 -> DECT 2322, Mastodon:
  • Hacker is looking for a Nintendo DS Lite Hinge mechanism -> DECT 2866, Mastodon:, Matrix:
  • Looking for a powered USB type-A hub - contact mateArolf
  • Looking for PoE (Power of Ethernet) Injector / Adapter for VoIP phone. DECT 3387 | diaspora*
  • Looking for a printer to print ~50 copies of a cheatsheet of my project to give away on a self-organized session. Can pay. Contact:
  • looking for someone with an oscilloscope - I don't intend to buy one, but I need one to fix my demo setup for my talk tomorrow - PoroCYon (also on hackint & libera IRC) /
  • looking for personal radio I am allowed to operate legally without bnetza license („Jedermannfunk“). Preferably Motorola Contact Hondo via dm in angel system
  • Looking for games for my GBA SP I brought back to life [dead batteries ok] - contact jglauche / DECT 3507
  • Buying RFM12BP / RFM12B 433MHz - contact @bernerd
  • Buying PinePhone/PinePhone Pro - PM: cap or 2270 or 37c3(Æt)
  • Looking for a GE E1050 10Mp point & shoot digital camera. Not the TW version phako or 2387
  • need an External Power Adapter(Output: 48VDC / 1.25A) for a Tl-SG1005P Switch @lurkars
  • Happy to be a new home for plushies - contact email: elsewheredisk(Æt)
  • SDR or Spectrum Analyser for the 5GHz ISM band
  • looking for OpenBikeSensor hardware and infos - Fedi: PM: @reisbrei
  • does anyone have a spare DECT phone? Yendolosch
  • Two displays for card10 badge
  • Looking for Elbrus 2000 hardware to have a closer look at for a few days - @nick23
  • Looking for a "Doppelmeter" (aka Zollstock) from 2019 EasterHegg in Vienna (Wien) . I engeled there, but they had none left when I tried to get mine. As I am from Vienna, and this was my only EasterHegg, this item would be very VERY dear to my heart. If you have one and are not using it, I'd be happy to buy it (name your price). DECT 4320 or
  • looking for a spare DECT phone, since I forgot mine at home. I'd return it on day 4 dosenpils, mail:
  • X230-compatible thinkpad keyboard, since mine has water damage. | 5221
  • Framework 13 screen replacement. Mine has a bad case of bleeding, will pay obviously.
  • My broke student friend got is bagage lost at the airport (including is computer). Does anyone as a spare linux machine to allow him to enjoy his first Congres. Would be really appreciated.
  • Looking for a little bit of thermal paste @naph | 6161
  • wishing to buy or rent a DECT phone -- jendrik,,
  • wishing to buy or rent a DECT phone -- @kangel
  • Looking for C19-Schuko cords to power some storage arrays. - contact
  • Looking for a button, preferably big red mushroomoid 🍄 - contact @kfh on DECT KFH0 or
  • Looking for a flow3rbadge to buy, didn't get one on Camp 🥲 @tausdd
  • Looking for an RF DC Injector for 2.4G/12v. DECT 3697 or @roosemberth
  • Looking for 2xAAA batteries (Sony Eneloop or similar) @parasew - Späti can help you!
  • Looking for a radiobadge (2015 CCCamp) :) @roosemberth
  • Looking for a radiobadge (2015 CCCamp) :) @Spida DECT 4217
  • Looking for a cutting machine (or scissors) to prepare some stickers @morgil, matrix:
  • Due to unstable/broken(?) USB-c loading seeking for an old-style "round loading cable" for Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ARE05according to spec “65W round tip (3-pin) AC adapter” or “65W round tip (2-pin, wall-mount) AC adapter”. -- @rugk( / DECT 7845 / Matrix:
  • Looking for a new card10 battery (Mastodon:
  • Looking to buy multiple ST-LINK/V2, Matrix:
  • Looking for cat ears -- contact: mischkonsum assembly
  • LF cat ears pwease, or pointers to where the cat ear 3d printer is-- @phusion
  • Looking for cat ears -- contact: DECT 2220
  • Looking for a DECT phone -> contact: GSM 6648 or XMPP:
  • Looking for atom clock hardware like rubidium oscillator, (fe5680a ,..) @tztz,
  • Looking for fast 5GHZ Wifi Dongle USB and / or PCIe t0my
  • Looking for a screen protector for my FP4 @wnklmnn
  • I'd like a working microSD card. size doesn't matter. @kirils | DECT 5522
  • Looking for a external USB - HDD Case i could have for a few hours. (3,5") DECT 6570
  • Zaolin is looking for DDR5-5600 SODIMM for a quick test. Ask for Zaolin at the Open Source Firmware Foundation Assembly.
  • Looking for a affordable, 2.5“ SSD preferably new and unopened, or
  • Microwave for shared use for warming up food. @diego | DECT 9495 |
  • Looking for an RGB LED strip with/and something to drive it from battery for a new year's eve costume. 25...30cm would be plenty, bonus points for adhesive backing @ari23
  • Looking for a Badge Magic LED badge from FOSS Asia - @ooguz contact: 6648 or xmpp
  • Looking for rubber boots (size 42+) contact:

Server seeks Leecher

Theres a separate wiki page: Filesharing

Hacker seeks congress hoster

  • found a 3.5" SATA hdd which needs a home in a server (providing network services) during the event - contact: TBD

Hacker seeks software

  • Looking for software that can provision my Mitel 5320 VOIP phone - @fuchspunk
  • Recent Firmware for Juniper EX2300 - t0my
  • Looking for Java applets/ games for my Nokia 515 rm-953 + Samsung SM-b550h + who wants to game? :D hmu GSM 4535 or here @micro
  • Looking for a cracked VCDS (at least Version 23.3.1 or higher for a facelift model) in german or englisch version- @primefactor99
  • Looking for firmware for old phones (LG U8xxx) - - GSM 2159
  • Looking for recent Telenot CompasX software and/or firmware - @tcatm
  • Looking for recent-ish IBM mainframe software - in particular z/VM -

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Hacker seeks other person to talk about IT-Infrastructure and server topics. You can reach me via or
  • I want to learn things about building up a IXP at home ^^ and want to learn routing and VPN and other networking stuff. @philr9 (Telegramm) Looking for someone who can teach me with that.
  • Looking for someone to help me install a HWFly in my Switch OLED, preferably in the Köln/Düsseldorf Region Ich suche jemanden, der mir ein HWFly in meine Switch OLED einbaut. Bevorzugt Region Köln/Düsseldorf DECT@3259 /
  • Looking for somebody who hacked the Remarkable 1 or 2 Tablet and wants to share their experience with me @temone
  • Du heißt Philipp, hast mit mir an der Universität Saarland studiert und arbeitest jetzt an Pentester? Dann frag nach dem nächsten DECT und ruf mich unter 3177 an oder schick mir eine Mail an Deine Handynummer und Domain gehen leider nicht mehr. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du dich meldest :-)
  • Suche freundlichen Coreboot/Libreboot/Oreboot Fundamentalisten aus der Nachbarschaft. Falls du lust, etwas Erfahrung und die nötige Hardware rum liegen hast, mein t410 wäre für jede Schandtat bereit. Contact: @luftloch, Mtrx:, DECT: 3445
  • Same! Suche ebenfalls Coreboot/ Libreboot Experten/ Expertin für die Befreiung des BIOS meines X230 und freu mich riesig über Unterstützung. I am also looking for Coreboot/ Libreboot experts for the liberation of the BIOS of my X230 and am very happy about support. Contact: @still_a_noob
  • Someone to guide me resoldering the emmc on an old mobile phone. Maybe just heating it up to the right temperature solves connection issues to revive the hardware and rescue data. @tomate46
  • Someone who can assist me to set up an IVR (Interactive Voice Response/ DE: Sprachdialogsystem) on my Pi Zero W (yate or asterisk) @maehw
  • Someone who can assist in developing a custom app for Flipper Zero to transmit IR signals within a custom GUI (planned for LEGO Mindstorms RCX series, I already got the required signals) @maehw
  • if you are an optician or someone who knows how to fit bent glasses, let me know: DECT 2563 or @cri-kee
  • I have two X2100 ( and one of them does not boot anymore and one of them has burned screen LCD cable (44C9991), looking for someone to happily dive into how to debug those situations and get them working again :-). Let me know: or DECT 2128 (starting from day 1).
  • Somebody that can repair my DECT Touchscreen (Gigaset S820). Email or GSM 5942
  • I have an old Nokia 9500 and forgot the unlock code. I can't use eventphone without. Plz help! mastodon
  • Someone who could check on my PCB design (schematics and layout are ready) and point out all the unknown unknowns/best practices/etc.. I'm a newbie, easy stuff. Any advice welcome. Happy to donate one device once it's ready (it's a plant watering system). @corrado DECT 3858
  • Suche jemenden mit Erfahrung in Leistungselektronik PCB-Design (Power Converter PCB). Benötige berating für ein Projekt. Freon DECT: 5919
  • Someone who has an Idea for long range IoT communication (~ 50m indoor) not using wi-fi @birirole
  • Someone to talk about how to get and transport Time(information) @tztz,
  • Looking for someone expert with DualShock4 or MediaTek bootloader modes for de-bricking a DS4 rebooted in unknown mode - - GSM 2159
  • Looking for someone with experience in setting up nRF52840 usb dongle as a thread border router :,) hmu 5306
  • Looking for some helpers to help organize a better food supply for the next/upcoming chaos events. In a (semi-)professional way. It takes a lot of work to iron out all of the issues (on multiple layers) with "offering some food" to participants. See for details

Hackers seek hackers in their region

  • If you live in Dublin (Ireland) and know of someone who might be willing to rent a small flat or room starting 2027 for hacker's daughter beginning her studies there in 2027, please let me know: rotrot / DECT4560 / EPVPN 4560.
  • General: please join your local Hackerspace, they need you :)
  • If you live in Elsass and want to meetup to chat and share projects after the congress, DM @thestaticturtle (pretty much anywhere)

Hacker seeks activity companions

  • 26NB not living in Germany seeks New Years Eve plans, in Hamburg or somewhere in Germany @frogeye

Hacker seeks Travel Companions

  • Will do a stargazing + tree-planting + other activities trip in the Gobi desert (Mongolia) early September 2024. Hmu if interested @corrado or DECT 3858
  • Looking for travel companion(s) for cycling trip in Europe and/or beyond in summer 2024 (3-8 weeks). No specific route/target yet. Want travel without flights if possible. Interested? Open to suggestions :) Contact: @eliasindahood, DECT 6623, mischkonsum assembly.

Hacker seeks Travel Tips

Hacker seeks Silvester-Party

Hacker seeks education

  • Hacker seeks other person to talk about IT-Infrastructure and server topics. You can reach me via or
  • I want to learn things about building up a home IXP ^^ and want to learn routing and VPN and other networking stuff. @philr9 (Telegramm) Looking for someone who can teach me with that.
  • Suche jemand um mir bei zu bringen meine Haare zu flechten Contact: @GlOwl, Fedi: @glowl@chaos.scial , DECT: 2481
  • Looking for knowledge regarding (offensive) IT Security (and where to learn what) - Contact:, DECT: 5382 (leet: SEBZ)
  • Suche Sachkundige(n) für Anschlagpunkte (EN 795, montieren von Bohrlaschen fürs Industrieklettern) @37c3wjnzk5tyeptb8l
  • Looking for someone who can explain me the foundations of Android compilation, adaption to new devices, bootloader compilation and configuration for android, partitioning of android device storage, etc. -- all the basic stuff needed until one has a working android OS. @dreieck, 3134 (SMS works too), Openlab Augsburg (2891).
  • Ich bin auf der Suche nach jemandem der mir Dreads macht, bzw. mir zeigt wie das funktioniert. Wahrscheinlich sind meine Haare noch zu kurz aber über eine Beratung würde ich mich riesig freuen! (DECT: 6952,
  • Looking for information about smaller pentesting companies in Germany; Fedi:, DECT (until day3 16:00): 6345

Hacker seeks theory

  • Interested in starting an online discussion group / think thank, starting in form of mailing list (name still tbd). With left libertarian, tech critical (neither anti-tech nor techno solutionist) leanings and focus on post-capitalism. Solarpunks, degrowth and accel are welcome. If interested write to

Hacker seeks a chat

  • Looking for people using funkwhale willing to talk about their experience with it and federating music. Also soulseek? @iameru
  • Looking for people interested in the "indie web" /"web revival" movement (aka people interested in building personal websites inspired by the early years of the web) @ram6y or
  • Looking for creatures who play Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead and want to chat about the game! DECT: 6630
  • Looking for someone to practice Arabic with. I speak German and English, whatever is left over from my French lessons in school and I recently started learning Portuguese at uni. SIP:3927 || ||

Hacker seeks NGO

NGO seeks Hacker

Greenpeace Schweiz sucht Umweltaktivisten, die den kreativen Umgang mit der Technik mögen, zur Verstärkung seines Tech-Teams.

  • Du engagierst dich ehrenamtlich für die Umwelt bzw. wolltest es eh immer mal tun?
  • Du identifizierst dich mit den Werten und Aktionen von Greenpeace?
  • Du magst den kreativen Umgang mit der Technik und findest dich irgendwo im breiten Spektrum von Hardware-Hacking, OSINT-Recherche, Reverse Engineering & Exploitation, Social Engineering, Websecurity bis Schulungen geben/Hackathon organisieren (etc.) wieder? Anfänger wie Fortgeschrittene, learning by doing.
  • Du wohnst bevorzugt in der Region Schweiz, Süddeutschland, Vorarlberg (oder hast Bock auf lange Bahnfahren ;)
  • Matrix:
  • E-Activists übernehmen WLAN an drei Flughäfen in der Schweiz

Hacker with a job at an NGO seeks worker organization

Hacker seeks child-care

  • 28.12. (Day 2) 10am-6pm or parts thereof, EUR 25/h for 7yo neurodivergent kid (GSM 3338 or matrix:, will delete this if I have someone, the planned help called in sick)

Hacker seeks job / employment

  • looking for a new job, experience in linux, server, infrastructure, rust, python, js, cryptographic. Looking for remote first jobs. 4 years of experience. DECT 3831 Can solve strange problems.
  • Ex-compliance expert looking for a challenge in an EU Start-Up. Sec/R&D/Compliance/IT Task Nightmare? I'm your solution-finder.
    • Background: 5 yrs in Privacy/Security Compliance and IT Project Mgmt. Basics: Python, Cloud Security, Prod. Mgmt..
    • Pros: Eager and Curiose++, Planning Fetish, Team Motivator, Pragmatic Fixer.
    • Logistics: English speaker + A2 German, EU passport holder, EU-wide availability.
    • Interests: Geeks, Social Engineering, Privacy, Sextech, AI Governance.
    • Ping me on Telegram: Eterinid M.
  • Looking for an Electronics HW Engineer position in Vienna (Embedded/Industrial/Power Electronics,) @37c3wjnzk5tyeptb8l
    • 3y experience (Schematic & Layout, Bringup, EMC testing, environmental testing)
    • Broad background from mechanical engineering to SW (C, Python)
  • InfoSec-Expert looking for new challenges (InfoSec-Awareness/-Trainings, ISMS, ISO27001, BSI Grundschutz, GDPR, IT-Compliance) - PM me: @infosecjob or call 5674
  • Incident Response consultant seeks new employment: 6 years working experience in infosec, 1.5 years DFIR - PM me: @cz0 or 37congress(at)proton[.]me
  • Seasoned Software Eng. focused on Cloud Architecture, SRE & Systems Eng seeks job.
    • Prefer hybrid close to Düsseldorf or Andalusia, or remote in EU.
    • Most experienced in Java, Go, C/++. Fast learner of complex systems. Wants to do more Rust. DECT 5558,,
  • Linux Admin / DevOps seeks job (DECT 9664 or )
    • 5yrs full time experience in ops
    • 15yrs linux experience
    • speaks german, english, bash, python, perl, puppet, ansible, yaml, kubernetes, elixir, rust, c, big-o notation, regex, smtp...
    • would like a job anywhere above the hardware and below the frontend, ops, dev or linear combinations
  • Looking for a new (full-time) job 'in IT', ideally starting March (remote or [preferred] near Frankfurt/Main). -,
    • Prefered fields: Infrastructure technician or IT Architecting/Infrastructure design
    • Background Tl;Dr: ten years "in IT," with work in different areas and fields, including bridging the technical and non-technical sides and teams (PowerShell, Python, Ansible, Windows, Linux, Veeam, VMware, OpenStack, ...)
    • (centralized/"aaS") Mail Server and mail security gateway (Anti-SPAM + S/MIME + PGP), administration, maintenance, re-architecture, automation, "Product Owner"
    • (dedicated) Maintaining, administering, operating, and governing Microsoft-centric dedicated customer server environments with a basis of ActiveDirectory, RDP, NPS, CA, and Exchange Servers (multiple versions and some in multi-server HA configuration)
    • (managed service, "Internal-IT") Consulting, Technical contact for migration of existing and integration of new (custom) customer software, services and realization of new use-cases and needs in general, analyzing existing infrastructure (customer site), migrating to/from our "as a Service" (managed) dedicated customer environment as well as integrating with external 3rd parties.
    • IPAM/IAM planning, gathering design requirements, product evaluation, product validation, Multi (non-federated, stand-alone) Windows AD integration (service provider accounts), ...; products included CyberArk, OneIdentity, Delinea (former Centrify), Keycloak
    • Non-technical experience including creating, reviewing, rewriting, updating, auditing, and maintaining compliance policies and certifications (ISO27001, BSI IT Grundschutz, BSI C5) as well as documenting, migrating, planning and implementing changes and maintaining (in general) an undocumented pre-existing multi-site business-critical enterprise environment. Often together with it security and compliance departments.

Job seeks Hacker

  • Join the WTF eG Hackergeno (cooperative) and become part of something bigger then yoursself - Mastodon: - web.
  • Searching for app developer (Android)
    • project based; time tracking app
    • bonus points if you're a night owl and/or into music festivals
    • let's chat (de/en) @

Artist seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Fun

Stencil seeks Artist

Cryptocurrency seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Cryptocurrencies

  • Seearching Monero or Bitcoin against cash. Help appreciated. (DECT: 2609,
  • If you wanna sell some XMR -> @1829362 DECT: 8273
  • Buy/Sell BTC/EUR with me at assembly HTTP 402. Ask for Felix (100-2000 EUR)
  • Want to sell: BTC/XMR. Want: EUR cash. Still around.

Hacker seeks Sticker

  • Looking for REWE Disney 100 sticker No. 32 and No. 51 - @l_izzy
  • I have stickers 32 and 51, and some more. would swap some - @Spida DECT4217

Human Dating

Femboy seeks Dick

  • 19:15 Uhr am Heaven
  • Auf mir steht Fuck drauf mehrmals und hab Katzenohren
  • Kein Händchenhalten sondern nur körperliches
  • 22F but smoll pp
  • Bin sub

Person seeks Person for Lounge Date

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Person

Person seeks Person

  • looking for some cuddles and affection during buildup and congress or DECT 3621
  • Icelander looking to make new kink friendly friends / folk to discuss crafting / possible play partners for the party FL:Jarfi @w03
  • open to heartfelt conversations in cat (meow meow meow! meow?) or gibberish @fnordkordia
  • 39female looking for people to have fun talks, cuddles and drink tea with. FL: @hathoria
  • Bi twink (22M) looking to join a couple for cuddles and the play party (or otherwise). Hmu @twink1337 or
  • Girl seeks prime numbers , will only answer if its a prime @homulily DECT 6968
  • saxnot offering sympathetic ear similar to the empath program in the past. Talk with me about anything. In serious distress always call CERT via 112. DECT 7296 or Mastodon / Matrix.
  • male 1,85m 70kg cock:19x5cm blond donates to the needy
  • 29M Do these ads even work? Tell me what you think. 4842 or DM @istobic.
  • !!! Ich bin auf der Suche nach dem Mädel mit den roten Dreads.Wir sind uns heute über den Weg gelaufen, uns gegenseitig ein Kompliment gemacht und anschließend kurz unterhalten. Dann bist du weiter gezogen um deine Postkarten an die Reinigunsgkräfte zu verteilen. Leider habe ich vor lauter Übermüdung vergessen nach deinem Namen zu fragen. Wenn du das liest melde dich doch bitte mal bei mir. Ich habe noch 2-3 wichtige Fragen an dich. Wer Hinweise zur gesuchten Person geben kann wird von mir mit einer alljährlichen Congress Tschunk Flatrate belohnt. ;-)

Boy seeks Girl

  • happy about having some kind of date @lurkars (friendship based also appreciated, German speaking preferred, English also okay)
  • 28M from NL open to dating during congress. I can infodump about renewable energy, software and a bit of paleontology. Will be delighted to listen to your special interests and hold hands. mail:, Fetlife: Silaris
  • I'm one of those you'd probably recommend to your best friend, but we might as well have a go at it 😃. Talkative introvert (34; DE, EN, RU) looking for meaningful connections. @hrzdf
  • 30M Firefighter from AUT looking for cute dates, cuddles and open to more. Rather calm but with high energy, analytical head, love enriching interactions (DE, EN) @37c3wjnzk5tyeptb8l
  • 36M German (DE/EN), Metalhead(black/death/grind/doom/punk) / Geek open for dates during congress. Interested in Dinner, meaningful conversations & more if mutually interested. @fellmoon
  • 36M Tinkerer, quiet, first time at Congress, looking for a friend to know somebody, explore all the things, for nice conversations and to not get lost. ^^' @Lysator
  • Up for a chat and a coffee? Let's tell our kids that we've met first at 37C3 @Mike0815 (matrix)
  • 31M, often at Concerts and doing a bit of sport also like to Game on PC. Contact: 9211(DECT), (Matrix), Write me a card via Chaospost <3
  • 22M looking for social interaction, @secure_shell
  • 24M Interested in Hardware, IT-Sec and stuff. Happy to meet a new Person with shared interest. (DE, EN) Contact via Dect 9007 or @d_k
  • 39M Big ChubbyNerd Guy, searching for an congress (DE, EN) Contact via Dect 4816 or @krawallo
  • 30M, shy at first but seeking somebody on the same wavelength. Into kinky stuff, hardware/low level stuff and volunteering. If you're curious about the kinky side , @kellerkind
  • 35M looking for female to have fun at the last night of day 4. Flying out at new years eve . Can explore the city or go dine or so. Deep convos or just fun. Love EDM while hacking. DM, or matrix or DECT 7907.

Girl seeks Boy

  • 35F Geeky & Bratty Seeking a Meaningful, Lasting Connection.
    • Me: Hapilly Child-free, Outgoing, Adventurous, Communicative, Hobby Collector, Curvy (see pics).
    • You: A Geek w/ a Twist + Strong Soft Skills.
    • Big NoNo: ONS, Cheaters, Douchebags, Anti-Vaxxers.
    • Talk2 me: Fetlife

Couple seeks ?

  • Couple (31M/32F) on the lookout for like-minded individuals/couples of all genders. Join us for kinky events, rope meet-ups, and private queer fun Fetlife (or on Feeld),
  • !!! Ich bin auf der Suche nach dem Mädel mit den roten Dreads.Wir sind uns heute über den Weg gelaufen, uns gegenseitig ein Konpliment gemacht und anschließend kurz unterhalten. Dann bist du weitee gezogen um deine Postkarten an die Reinigunsgkräfte zu verteilen. Leider habe ich vor lauter Übermüďung nach deinem Namen zu fragen. Wenn du das liest melde dich doch bitte mal bei mir. Ich habe noch 2-3 wichtige Fragen an dich. Falls jemand Hinweise zur gesuchten Person geben kann wird von mir mit einer alljährlichen Congress Tschunk Flatrate von mir belohnt.

Couple seeks Girl

  • Liebevolles Paar (30) sucht jemanden für ein nettes Gespräch zum Kennenlernen, Kuscheln oder mehr DM @lovelycouple

Girl seeks Girl

  • shy bambi lesbian looking for a cuddle buddy (and maybe even more), if you're interested to meet on congress write me
  • Trans girl from America seeks sapphic play, intimate friendship, maybe more if vibe is good @cupcake

Boy seeks *

  • chubby secret sissy sucht jemanden fuer anonymen spass, aktiv/passiv, please DN me @hush8 :)
  • chubby 25M, sexuell unerfahren sucht sexuell unerfahren M oder F zum ausprobieren. ~~ miau. Bin eher devot und passiv. ^__^ DN: @hrubejfuff

Boy seeks Boy

Queer seeking Queer

  • Queer looking for other queers to hang out, walk the space, discuss, dance, hug, code or whatever dect:4078, tg:@Fluffig
  • pan, poly & kinky transfem (25) looking for headpats and kinky connections. dect. 2494, fetlife: amy_psycho_bitch

Other Seeks Other

  • [DE] non-binary Hacker (24, Berlin) sucht Date oder netten Plausch mit girls/other non-binary humans Wiki (DECT:ANGH(2644)

Free Massages

  • Free back and foot massages for females (my choice, not *phobic). I'm constantly trying to up my massage game, hence the offer! I'm fairly decent at back massages and pretty good at foot massages! @chrispr
  • free massages or hugs. DM me here or at matrix (mike0815)

Free hugs

  • bilingual squirrel (I speak some cat, prrr prrr mrow!) happily offers head scritches, pats and strong hugs. Hugs & cuddles depending on sensory overload level :) DECT 8397 / DM

Hacker seeks Headpats

  • 🥺 –embr
  • yes pls -- or DECT 3621
  • .3 -rentin
  • Headpats4Headpats DECT: ZRTP or matrix:
  • @Lysator 😸DECT: 9700
  • and so bring two headpats :3

Other entities

Demon seeking Ritualists

  • Evy (not dating)