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⚠️ Eine weitere Liste existiert auf dem Event Blog

⚠️ Another list exists in the Event Blog


berlinCreators e.V. / IN-Berlin e.V.

Location: Lehrter Str. 53, D-10557 Berlin-Moabit

We will open during the conference days in the morning. The meeting will most likely not run deep into the night! (More like 11pm)

It would be a good idea to subscribe this Telegram Channel for announcements and last-minute informations:

Facility details

Space, tables/couch, 2 projector rooms, 1 bigscreen TV room, workshop room for soldering and hardware hacking, WiFi, coffee, fridge with Mate/drinks, serve-yourself kitchen, Späti and Supermarket close-by


CCC Basel

Location: Birsfelderstr. 6, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland

We are open day 1-4 each day from 13:00 until late in the evening. There'll be breakfast-style food throughout the day, and we'll cook something every evening.

Feel free to join our Matrix room and say hi!


From 27.12. to 30.12. we will be opening the Space every day from 4pm to watch the 37C3 streams with you, discuss them, work on projects, party and simply provide space for chaos. The ideal opportunity to get to know the space, the people and the rooms.

We have the opportunity to watch two streams at the same time.

Food and drink will be available at cost price, and anyone who likes is welcome to bring something for the buffet.


opening hours:

  • Day 1: 16:00 - open end
  • Day 2: 16:00 - open end
  • Day 3: 16:00 - open end
  • Day 4: 16:00 - open end

Please check out Status at:



Bytespeicher Erfurt

Location: Liebknechtstraße 8, 99085 Erfurt

We will open during the conference days from 11 am. The space will most likely open until midnight, but depends on the responsible people. Our Matrix room is



  • location: Wilhelmstraße 189; 42489 Wülfrath
  • contact:

We are open Day 1 to 4, please make a free reservation via a link above. Covid tests and masks are available at the entrance and mandatory. At least 3 Streams will be shown in dedicated rooms via projection or big screen. For overnight stay bring sleeping bag (school gym with showers in walking distance).