We live in a society with a very bad incentive that pushes people to create problems and we argue that this bad incentive is trade. You can get food, access a social network, or anything else, ONLY, and ONLY if you give something back in return. Trade. Be it a currency like money, your data, or attention (watch ads). That's the backbone of our global society.

That being said we think that it is necessary to move away from this outdated society and remove this bad incentive. Our approach is to do the opposite: to create trade-free goods and services. To provide, without asking anything in return.

We not only provide trade-free goods & services ourselves, but also created the trade-free directory (part of the website) where we list many trade-free goods and services from around the world. And anyone can help us add more to the list – we made it super easy for anyone to do so.

In the end it is about being good human beings, to help each other, in order to create a saner and safer world.

I will first present the idea of trade as a problem to then switch to solutions and also how the trade-free directory ( itself could be improved.