Online pornography seems to be caught between two problematic extremes: on one hand there are overpowered tech-giants dominating the market, and on the other hand ultra-reactionary groups trying to abolish this entire sector. There must be a better way!

In 2023 a coalition of sex workers, gender-based violence survivors, digital rights advocates and sex-tech builders have joined forces in a campaign addressed to the European Commission leveraging the new EU regulation called Digital Services Act (DSA). In the meantime, an international strategic litigation in Cyprus and Italy is challenging in court the very core business model of a notorious porn-giant for its blatant violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In this session we will present the achievements of our campaign to reshape the sector of online pornography and why this is so important for a better digital world for all. Our goal is to shad a new light onto this vast and complex ecosystem and envision together new ways to share the cyberlove :)