Are you interested in maps? Are you searching for a FLOSS mapping navigation? Do you need geodata? Do you need a map on your site? Do you want to help creating maps from your local environment or from vulnerable places? Then, you have come to the right talk! This talks gives a broad overview of OpenStreetMap, the community and how to get started with it.


OpenStreetMap is an open database of geodata and has become the biggest geodataset of the world. It is often called 'the wikipedia of maps' and is getting used in more and more applications - from grassroot movements to big corporations. A tremendous lot is possible, but it can be confusing to get started and to dive into the ecosystem.

In this workshop, I'll give a high-level overview of OpenStreetMap and answer the most important questions:

  • What is OpenStreetMap (and what is it not?)
  • What applications exist?
  • What tools exist?
  • How can one contribute?
  • How can one export data?
  • How can one get in touch with the local mapping community?

No previous experience with mapping or GIS needed!

The first part will be an introductory talk, so you don't have to bring anything. After the first part I'll stick around you started using OSM. For this, it might be useful to bring your laptop (or smartphone).

Materials Cost: FREE

Workshop leader: Pieter Vander Vennet

What to bring: OPTIONAL laptop or smartphone

Where: Hardware Hacking Area

DECT: 2676 (CORN)