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How do you organize/improve your work in an IT operations team?
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Self-organized Session

It feels to me like 100% of the books, talks and blogs out there on how to organize work in IT are geared to software development teams.

I work in an operations team, and the software development methodologies, and retrospective formats we use to organize our work sometimes don't quite fit our work. Do you work in operations, and also feel this way? Let's have a group discussion about how to effectively organize work in an operations team, and what processes/habits/tools we want to review and improve how we work.

This is where I'd put selected reading suggestions for you... if I had any. Seriously, if you have anything that's not specifically for devs, please reach out to me.

Get in touch: Mastodon @ploy on; DECT 3971

Location might change, please double-check before the event.

Update: the awesome people over at Mastodon have provided me with suggested reading material:

  • "Synware – free software syndicates",
  • "The Practice of System and Network Administration, Second Edition",
  • "The Phoenix Project",

Keep 'em coming!



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