Tag 2

I'd like to discuss, what systems, rituals or tools you use at work (or at organizations you volunteer at) to improve how you work together.

Some questions in no particular order we could discuss:

  • Does your team or company have regular retrospectives? What happens there? Has the format of the retrospective ever changed?
  • Does your team or company have all-hands meetings to further develop the vision, or flesh it out into a more concrete plan? Maybe in the form of a yearly retreats.
  • Do you ever have "meta" discussions with customers or partner firms on how to change the way you work together?
  • How do you get everyone on board, so planned changes aren't met with resistance?

If you have questions or comments, get in touch: Mastodon @ploy on; DECT 3971



Next to the "Nap Lab" on Level 4.