UPDATE 20231229 2:34pm: Let's meet in the Hall Y Foyer. Unfortunately, it's a bit of an improvised location, with no monitor and no chairs. We might not be able to cover much in terms of hands-on practice, but do come if you fancy a casual Guix get-together.

UPDATE 20231228 1:36pm: Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to secure a space for this. Given the turnout at yesterday's session, I think we might need space for about 20 people and a monitor too. I've spread the word on the Fediverse, but I'll have to reschedule this if nothing happens in the next hour or so. Apologies! Stay tuned for further updates.

GNU Guix is a functional package manager and operating system, see for details. In this session we will have a look at some practical examples: the nitty-gritty of the Guix command and some of its subcommands and options, some package definitions, package graphs, etc.

Prerequisites: Don't worry if you haven't attended our previous session, this will still be at a very introductory level and open to everyone regardless of their familiarity (or lack thereof) with Guix. All welcome. If you know Guix already, do get in touch and help us shape this session. What would you like to be covered during the session? Is there anything that you'd like to present on?

Covid-19 policy: We are still unsure about the logistic of the session, but we will do our best to maintain a Covid-safe environment. Let us know if you have specific concerns and we will try to help.

Code of conduct: