GNU Guix is a functional package manager and operating system, see for details. In this session we will cover some of Guix's fundamentals: what is Guix, how is it different from other package managers and software distributions, what are some of its typical use cases, and what the main benefits of using it?

Prerequisites: No previous knowledge is expected although some familiarity with a GNU/Linux distribution might help you follow along. All welcome. If you know Guix already, do get in touch and help us shape this session. What would you like to be covered during the session? Is there anything that you'd like to present on?

Covid-19 policy: We are still unsure about the logistic of the session, but we will do our best to maintain a Covid-safe environment. Let us know if you have specific concerns and we will try to help.

Code of conduct:

Coordinator/contact: Fabio Natali,



Let's meet up in front of SoS Hall D, hopefully we might be able to get a table in the room or in its vicinity. I'll be holding a sign with the Guix name and logo. Watch this space for updates.