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In this session you learn how build the 37C3 Fahrplan app for Android yourself. You customize colors, change code and bring your own ideas.


  • I will talk in English to reach most people. German is fine, too.
  • Ich werde auf Englisch sprechen, um die Mehrzahl der Menschen zu erreichen. Ich kann bei Bedarf auf Deutsch kommunizieren.


  • Some experience with Android, Kotlin, Git is helpful.
  • Bring your own Android smartphone or tablet (minimum Android 5, Lollipop).
  • Bring your own USB cable fitting with your Android device & computer.
  • Bring your own computer with Android Studio (latest stable) installed.
  • Have the project already cloned to your machine. Here is the source code
  • Build the project at least once to download the Android SDK and libraries before you come. ⚠️ This will take some time!

Your ideas

  • I am looking forward to getting to know your ideas shared with everyone. Let them become reality!