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Yankee's ride

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I am yankee from Cologne and I am planning to drive to the congress by car together with nafur. This is going to be a non-smoking car.


[edit] Details

[edit] To Berlin

We will leave on 12/26 in the late afternoon / early evening (5pm, 7pm, ...).

Currently 9/9 seats reserved.

[edit] From Berlin

Between 30th evening and 31st at post breakfast time.

Currently 9/9 seats reserved.

[edit] The car

It will be a car with 9 seats...

I calculated the amount of space in the trunk of the car. There are 1,8m³ available which means 0,2m³/person. This is about 2,5 times the size of the more or less average suitcase that I have found in my basement and that's dimensions I used for reference. Or as an alternative: Think of about 200packages of milk *gg*.

If this space is used up, we can still pile extremely light and soft things that you would not mind to get thrown at you at a very high speed (like cushions or blankets) on top...

[edit] The fare

The fare from Cologne to Berlin and back again is 50 Euros.

[edit] joinig one way, only

If you want to travel with me one way only, feel free to contact me and add your name below anyway, but in this case we will have to talk about some details.

[edit] Add your name

If you would like to come with me, add your name and some contact details here:

  • name
    • Preferred date/time for leaving for Berlin / returning home
    • Your location (just give me a rough idea).
    • Some contact information
  • André User:hackbard
    • 26 late evening /27 morning / latest time for returning home: 31.12. morning
    • Colgone/Dus.
    • mail(@)suretodie(dot)de
  • llankru
    • earliest possible/latest possible
    • GL
  • User:Nafur
    • 26.12. in the evening (19:00+)
    • GL
    • 3 additional persons (2 * Wuppertal... co ph jo )
  • Simon 'aerolife'
    • earliest time to leave: 30.11. after "Security Nightmares 2009" / latest time for returning home: 31.12.16:00
    • Krefeld (will board in Wuppertal)
  • Andre 'Necro'
    • 26.12 in the evening or 27.12 in the early morning
    • Cologne Downtown
    • Jabber: necro[ääät]necrotex[punkt]de
    • Mail: ich[ääät]necrotex[punkt]de
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