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[edit] The Next Generation OS Quadcopter Project

[edit] The Project

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  • License: GPLv3 & CC-NC
  • Contact:
    • Project: uavp-ng (at)
    • Head Developers: headdevs (at)

UAVP-NG HW-0.10 Prototype

[edit] The History

The abbreviation U.A.V.P. stands for Universal Aerial Video Project.

UAVP is a flying object, ideally suited for making aerial videos and photos (aerial photography), but also suits fun flying a lot, no matter whether indoors or outdoors.

The project uses mainly standard RC model components, so it is basically a model aircraft. The layout of the UAVP project is quite variable, there are virtually no limits in size and lifting weights. Since UAVPs use high quality gyros to allow for stable flight, it is much easier to pilot than model helicopters.

Most of the NG developers came to the Quadcopter hobby by flying a Quadcopter of The Original UAVP Project or of the half-commercial sister project called The MK Project (Mikrokopter@25C3).

This was in summer 2007, the original UAVP was out for half a year and all over the world UAVPs started to get built. The Mikrokopter was quite new then and the community was able to build Mikrokopters (MKs) for 3 months, but the real MK boom had yet to happen...

At that time, many of us started dreaming of bigger and more powerfull processors, peripherials and sensors. The current projects seemed not to be able to scale according to our needs, so the idea of something new was born.

In April 2008, about a year later, there were about 500 UAVPs airborne around the world!

[edit] The Idea

Having flown both of these other open projects some of us decided that they do not offer the resources we would like to have on our copters. Especially when looking into the future it seemed that none of them have the scaling possibilities needed. Studying the available processors we realized that we need to switch processor types to get the computing power we dreamed of. Neither PIC nor Atmel could provide what we needed.

In the end we decided to go for an ARM7 and started the Next Generation Quadcopter Project.

Its goal: The development of a free Open Source Quadcopter software and hardware framework for further research based on a high performance 32bit ARM7 RISC CPU.

[edit] The Current State

The HW-0.10 is airborne since the 01/24/2008! The system has been flown and the software has been extended with a lot of new features since then.

A new hardware revision 0.20 has been worked on over summer and the first prototypes were produced some weeks ago. They are undergoing first tests and the software is currently being ported to the new hardware.

Update: The new hardware is airborne since the 12/09/2008!

We hope we have the new hardware ready for Beta-Testers for the congress.

[edit] The Community

The initiators of the NG project had a free and open project in mind. The boards will be made available to the public and the software will be released in the future. We have become an international team from all over the world.

We hope to be able to provide a platform for new ideas and new research on the Quadcopter topic. The firmware is built modular and allows different closed-loop control algorithms at the same time to allow different developers to share and compare their algorithms and designs.

We implemented an abstract closed-loop controller framework, which will allow non-programmers like mathematicians, closed-loop engineers and similar minded folks to implement new closed-loop control algorithms without having to understand more than input and output structures of their algorithms!

Everybody - who can agree to the idea of a non-profit, non-commercial Open Source project - is invited to join us and our project on IRC or in the new NG Forum!

[edit] The Organisation

[edit] Developer Meeting at 25C3

The following developers will show up:

Name Status Presence Comments
Amir Head Developer 26.12 - 30.12 will bring HW-0.20 copter, boards and tools
Axel Developer 26.12 - 30.12 will bring HW-0.20
Claymore Head Developer
Crossfire Head Developer
Ligi Developer
Markus Community
MarkusBec Head Developer 26.12 - 30.12 will bring HW-0.20 copter, banner
MrSputnik Head Developer 26.12 - 30.12 will bring HW-0.20 copter, solder tools, power
Orion8 Developer
Rober-t Beta-Tester
Taarek Developer 26.12 - 31.12
TobiHH Developer 25.12 - 31.12
Wowie Beta-Tester
Akku Beta-Tester

Most of the NG developer team will be there!

[edit] Hardware Presentation

Since most of us will bring one or more of their Copters with them, we will have quite some hardware to show. Hopefully we will get the new hardware revision into the air before the Congress.

[edit] Beta-Tester Release

If everything goes well and the new hardware performs as expected we will do the first Beta-Tester Release during the CCC Congress.

[edit] Location and Space

Hopefully the CCC Congress organisation team will be able to allocate us some space somewhere. Our project has been added to the allocation list but the resources are sparse.

Last year we got space on the top floor and were very happy with it. There's more light to work there than in the hackcenter.

We would be very happy if we can get three or four tables with 12 seats. That should be enough space to show the copters & hardware, to have a small solder station and a small workplace to fix and extend the hardware at the congress. We will bring all needed tools with us.

We will post here, when we know more.

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