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Sensorics Karlsruhe

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[edit] Who

We are a bunch of sensor technology students from Karlsruhe, who want to share some knowledge exhibit and explain our hardware and get to know people.

[edit] What

We'd like to present technical gadgets, that demonstrate how a sensorsystem work in an understandable manner

We would bring some of the toys we have and try to explain them to whomever is interested. These would include:

  • A segway style balancing robot
  • A sensor bicycle, that can (and will) be used to control a game on a beamer
  • A little spectrometer, that can be used to measure the alcohol content of a liquid sample
  • Another balancing experiment, where a ping-pong ball is balanced on a wheel

Our goal is to get to know people, who are interested in hardware and exchange ideas and knowledge.

[edit] Requirements

We would need three tables to display our toys and to have some place to make drawings etc. to explain how they work. Four chairs would be nice to rest our legs. We would need a little extra space (roughly 2x2m) to set up the bicycle (stationary) and a canvas, but we think playing Quake with a bike as controller is quite cool. Of course we need electricity for 2 or three PCs.

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