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[edit] What is the OpenMusicContest

The Open Music Contest is a band contest found and financed by the AStA Marburg. The music wich can be submitted has to be licensed under a Creative Commons license. The submitted music is being judged by a mixed jury. The winners get one of their songs on a sampler (which will be distributed all over Germany) and the best artists win a performance on the half yearly AStA Party. The main idea is to spread the spirit of Open Access, applying it to music.

The contest has been conducted four times already, starting in 2005.

[edit] Homepage

[edit] How it will look like

1 desk with:

-one Burnstation/Server for distribution of openmusiccontest music. T-shirts for sale.

-Openmusiccontest #1,#2,#3,#4 Samplers

in the Background some Posters

[edit] Things Needed

1 desk (min 2m)

3-4 chairs


LAN connectivity: 100mBit/1Gbit prefered

[edit] Contact

orga at

Archived page - Impressum/Datenschutz