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OpenBeacon with OpenAMD

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[edit] Press Releases

[edit] 2008-12-05: How will surveillance feel in ten years?

Nothing to hide - really?

25th Chaos Communication Congress
27-29 December, Berliner Congress Centre, Berlin, Germany

CCC Sputnik 2.4GHz Tag
CCC Sputnik 2.4GHz Tag

Be watched as closely as only tomorrow's most sinister politicians can imagine. See how an immersive surveillance system works - and if you can circumvent it - in our Congress-wide game straight out of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother.

This month, the Open Attendee Meta-Data (OpenAMD) system and will merge RFID technology with social networking to create live visualizations based on peoples' locations and interests. For only €10, over a thousand conference attendees can extend their congress badges with OpenBeacon RFID tags to be tracked on our nefarious real-life incarnation of the "Marauders' Map."

Growing from the success of the OpenAMD Project at The Last HOPE in New York City this past summer, the CCC will be joining forces with to add a real time proximity detection system so users can know what other users are nearby. In addition, users can log into a web interface that will suggest talks they might like and other attendees with similar interests. With this system, players will be able to see where they've been, what they've been doing, and with whom... and so can we!

The OpenAMD system will be using several visual effects to display this, including an AJAX visual accessible from the conference website and a 3-D visual based on cutting edge graphics technology. This year will also introduce "Beacon Royale", an RFID-based game spanning the whole building where participants engage in virtual combat against each other. The system is completely open source, open hardware, and all the tracking data will be made available to the public after the conference.

This project represents the joint efforts of people from CCC, 2600, and, building upon projects such as the OpenAMD Project, CCC Sputnik, and OpenBeacon.

We can't wait to watch you!

[edit] OpenAMD/CCC Sputnik booth

[edit] Infrastructure needed from organizers

  • 6 tables
  • 14 chairs
  • a wall where we can project the live tracking an the "Beacon Royale" stats
  • Ideally placed again in the Art & Beauty area (Cantine) like the years before. We have some fancy live visualizations of group pattern on the congress to show.
  • two network sockets (one for the CCC Sputnik VLAN - one for the public network)
  • two power sockets
  • network sockets for readers at

[edit] OpenBeacon infrastructure

[edit] Our project in the press

[edit] Playing with the Sputnik Data

If you want to have a look at the Sputnik data of 24C3 look here.

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