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Some MoinMoin Wiki developers will meet at the 25C3 (watch out for the MoinMoin Logo).

For more details please see the 25c3 page in our wiki.

For the 25c3 organizers (thanks a lot for all the work you do):

  • We would love to get 5 seats at 1(?) table.
  • Either in the hackcenter or (preferably) at some place with more light and LAN connectivity at the congress with LAN connectivity.
  • If some table near the OLPC (one laptop per child) geeks is free, that would be perfect as we'll bring ours also.
  • Alternatively near the Wikipedia/Mediawiki folks to build some wikizen cluster. :)

Our plans / activities:

  • We are having some MoinMoin developer meeting at the 25c3.
  • We would like to hack some stuff / fix bugs for the upcoming moin 1.9 release.
  • People interested in Wikis or MoinMoin or Python are also welcome to meet us there.
  • Ask us whatever you ever wanted to know about MoinMoin, Wikis or Python.

Contact: Thomas Waldmann <tw-public AT gmx DOT de>

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