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[edit] Project Mikrokopter

[edit] History

The Mikrokopter Project was founded by Holger Buss and Ingo Busker. In 2006 they started the development of a quadrocopter. 2007 the first hardware release was published. The first hardware was the naked flight controller board which had to be assembled by hand. Also the brushless controllers were designed for soldering by hand. At the Chaos Communication Camp we had the first drone workshop ever. It was a great experience and the publicity was amazing. Later that year the first preassembled hardware was released. 2008 the new gps&navigation board came out.

[edit] Website

[edit] Contact

If there are any questions in terms of Mikrokopter and the congress you can send an email to

hoppel [a_t]

[edit] Mikrokopter Community Team

  • Holger Buss (main developer)
  • Ingo Busker (main developer)
  • Ligi (software developer, betatester)
  • Nebukad (wiki team)
  • HGDL (community)
  • Steff (community)
  • KeyOz (software devoloper)
  • Teschi (community)
  • Hoppel (betatester, wiki-team, workshop coodinator)
  • Narayan (wiki team)
  • Marius (fanboy)
  • Hammer

[edit] Presentation

You can find us and our quadrocopters at the hackcenter. We want show live flight with video downlink and many other cool things. It is also possible to buy some of the hardware needed to build a Mikrokopter.

[edit] Workshop

This congress we will have a workshop for building a Mikrokopter. For more information please have a look here:

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