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[edit] Description

We (shorty and fd0) would like to present some of our projects, namely:

  • fnordlicht - intelligent, remote controllable RGB moodlight
  • etherrape - real ethernet/IP with a small 8-bit microcontroller
  • unzap - infrared hacking tool (tv-b-gone clone and much more, cheers Mitch!)
  • rumpus - AVR microcontroller development board, has been successfully used in this years u23 project (C4, Cologne)

We will bring some construction kits for these projects.

[edit] Requirements

Two seats, one (perhaps two) tables for presenting and soldering projects, preferably in the hardware hacking area/room.

[edit] Links to conference program

There is a talk about the "U23" project for young people in Cologne and Darmstadt, and fd0 would like to announce a place in the hardware hacking room for people to come by and chat about the technical and social challenges for organizing such an event.

[edit] Contact

If you have any questions, please write a mail to

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