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Liquid Democracy XP

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- Setting the basics for Democracy 2.0 - extreme programming during 72 congress hours -


[edit] Purpose

On this workshop at the 25C3 congress we are going to lay the foundation for an universal web tool that enables citizen participation in all public affairs. Let's call it, for example:

[edit] CitizenControl

Further works and application will be discussed online, contact me via Wiki-Email (link on the bottom).

[edit] Background

  • More about the Background and the concept(s) of Liquid Democracy

[edit] Workshop

[edit] Application

  • About the Application, the technical implementation and software architecture

[edit] Techniques

The techniques used resp. skills requested are:

  • Process design (these people do not neccessarily understand to code)
  • XML programming / parsing
  • Web application programming
    • Python is used for XML parsing and code generation (and later in the project for the designer UI)
    • PHP is the target (runtime) language
  • Design of CSS and user interface

[edit] Logistics

[edit] Time

This workshop starting meeting has now been re-re-placed to:

  • Workshops#Day 1 - 2008-12-27 Sat 2 at 14:00 in meeting room C04 (2 h length)
  • Each following day we have a meeting and short status reports in C04, 15:00 (30 min. length)

[edit] Contact

Questions or comments? Send me a Wiki-Email!

[edit] Report

The workshop started with a discussion about the concept of liquid democracy and the approach of 'CitizenControl' compared to proxy voting.

Based on the Django web application framework, two members started programming, a) developing an example for proxy voting, b) implementing the workflow structure and code generation via templates.

Further communication will be going over the mailing list of the Berlin pirate party:

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