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[edit] General Information

We're planning to provide some public terminals for all the people without hardware or the unlucky one's with b0rken hardware and so on ... We cannot make this up without the help of some other people. So if you're interested to help us and you can provide some hardware contact codec (also if there are some questions about this). Please keep in mind that we will have this stuff directly at the Ministry of Information and look after those hardware but there's no chance to insure those stuff. That means that it's the own risk to provide some hardware. Every working hardware is welcome, just flag the hardware stuff and talk to the team of Ministry of Information how we can ensure that you get the stuff back .. You can insert your hardware on this page if it's just a monitor or if you need anything to get it work. Feel free :)

[edit] FAQ

Drop your questions here or at the Infodesk personally. Please post Information Desk unconnected questions to the Frequently Asked Questions-page.

[edit] Can I sleep in the Gym from the 30th to the 31st December, too? Or is this only from the 27th to the 30th December?

The Gyn is open from 27th till 31th December. You can sleep there from the 30th to the 31st December, too.

[edit] Where do I get Cigarettes?

Try the cafeteria or outside the BCC.

[edit] Where can I print something?

Come to the InfoDesk with a USB stick or a URI of the content you want to print.

[edit] Do you have a map?

Yes, we will have one at the infodesk.

[edit] I forgot to take the bill of my ticket at the entrance. What to do?

Bad luck, dear! Try to catch another one suitable with your purchase from the litter boxes at the entrance. There are plenty of it thrown away. Or, if you remember the exact date, time and terminal (or transaction-number) of your purchase, come to the terminals in a quiet moment and beg for your own bill. --LeV 13:57, 25 December 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Lost and Found (Fundgrube)

[edit] FOUND/WIN

  • Day 3, 20:30 Uhr, Saal 3: Mehrfach-Steckdosenleiste mit Schalter: Wurde von einem Zuschauer dem Podium der "Lightning Talks Day3 - Evening" geliehen, um den Präsentations-Laptop und andere Geräte zu versorgen (vielen Dank dafür übrigens), aber leider am Ende der Session nicht abgeholt
  • Blue Jacket with scarf
  • Tucano MacBook Notebook Tasche (Grau)
  • blue gloves
  • laptop + tasche
  • one key
  • LED Light (from Camp)
  • small-mixed salad with eggs, tomatos, gherkins without any dressing in a plasticpot including a fork
    • ask the angels in the cloakroom
  • scarf: grey, knitted, ~1-1,5m long
  • DECT
    • If it is a Siemens Gigaset AS1 40, it's probably mine. It would be nice if anybody can bring it to the next chaos-event (It's the easter-hegg I think) - MarwolTuk
  • Block
  • Laptop Hülle/casing
  • one glove
  • earphones
  • lenovo PSU (power supply)
    • power cord or akku?
  • train ticket + some papers
  • copy card
  • gardroben dingsdaa
  • unzap
  • black woolhead
  • angel badge
  • "big" cd case
  • schwarzer H&M Strickpullover (gefunden in der Lounge)
  • silbernes Motorola Handy + Akku gefunden (gefunden in der Lounge)
  • andere Laptop Hülle/casing
  • brown colored 2nd skin for notebooks, found in Saal1
  • mini Stativ/tripod
  • another laptop PSU
  • Jacke
  • Yoghurt raum a04
  • eeepc hülle
  • yet another glove

[edit] LOST/FAIL

* folded DIN A4 paper (one or two) with printed 25C3 information and MANY HANDWRITTEN NOTES. On one there is an e-mail address written with a black felt tip pen, containing the character sequence "waring". Please contact me or send it scanned to: C77 ÄT via-rs DOT net

  • The Ministry of Information lost its "Lost+Found"-Box
    • but from now on we have a new one - so feel free to lose something =)
  • plastic bag with a logitech webcam and a 10cm antenna (Forgot in Saal 1 after Cold Boot attacks, Day 1) please bring to Referentenparadies if found
  • Neopreen Laptop Hull for a 15" MacBook with a zipper around. Its mostly black but with some orange on the side. Lost after Dan Kaminsky's DNS bashing in Saal 1. Ill go check the Information Desk later on again. Thank you!
  • erledigt... note to myself: never buy propietary crap again ... please borrow: charger for mobile phone Sagem my301x; please contact Marcus or Emil at OpenStreetMaps on upper level
  • habe meinen schwarzen nintendo ds (inkl. zelda) liegen lassen. er ging am 29.12. verloren zwischen 22:00 und 01:00. bitte unter +41 79 324 23 84 melden. finderlohn (50€)
  • a pair of gloves, black, with LEVEL written (white) on the forefinger
  • A vinered sweater with the text "Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule Ratzeburg" probably lost at the console hacking table @ hackcenter / Einen weinroten Pullover auf dem "Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule Ratzeburg" steht müsste am console hacking tisch im hackcenter verloren gegangen sein.... / please contact me per mail at jannis (a) or jabber:
  • Eine Mac Book Pro 15" neopren tasche. Schwarz/Grau. Email: codemonk (ÄT) u-sys (DOT) org oder Jabber:
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