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The mac osx 10.5 system seems to be secure, but it's not. even with firmware password and file vault activated, a mac user with knowlege of the system can break in. how? i'll show you. after a hacking demo, we will try to protect our data. the other point of view is how secure are the data we give to the apple company? esp. concerning itunes and the ipod, what do we find out, when we find such a thing, about it's (former) owner.

to be continued....

one more word, WE DO NOT BREAK FILE VAULT!!! we just trick our way into the machine. by finding out passwords from the users.... after gaining physical access...

Is this happening at a particular time? --Chmod007, 15:33. 27. December 2008

we will do some exercise @ 28-> 2pm, from than on we will work on breaking into the passwords, and later we will see what we squeeze out of a ipod. there are 3 days of fun left --cul8er

Hello Aluc, thank you for your suggestion/proposal!
Are you thinking about holding a workshop lecture about this topic? --CongressRadio 14:40, 27 December 2008 (UTC)

why not, it is an interesting matter, especialy, when you did not harden that thing yet. even an apple sec guy is here to check with me tomorrow --cul8er

Hello Aluc again ;)
Where can I find you and this "apple security guy"? How about some coffee/club-mate-soda or lunch/dinner together?
My DECT-phone-number is "3131" or you can find me after my co-moderation of the Lightning Talks session, which ends on Day 2 approx. at 12:30 CET at room 2 ("Saal 2"). --CongressRadio 01:21, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

the apple security guy will be @ hack a mac @2pm. he works for apple in cupertino. we will try to break into the testaccount of my mac book pro....

for the ones, who missed the contact data:

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