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Gentoo Linux
Coordinators: Craig && Codejunky

Gentoo Linux

  • Freenode IRC (
    • #gentoo
    • #gentoo-security
    • German:
    • Our 25C3 Channel: #25c3-gentoo
  • Bumping ebuilds for bugs you found at the congress in Realtime!
  • exotic hardware like a MIPS/PPC (if we can get it shipped to Berlin securely)
  • 8 Seats needed

Who will be there?

  • Craig
  • Codejunky (will attend the gentoo steak meeting)
  • Gorba
  • JeffJohnson
  • h4emp3
  • elpulpo
  • sym

Who might be at the hackcenter?

  • dertobi123 (will attend the gentoo steak meeting)
  • hollow (will attend the gentoo steak meeting)
  • rbu (will attend the gentoo steak meeting)
  • plasma (?)
  • kaazoo (?)


  • rsync mirror
  • distcc server to speed up your installation of Gentoo, please come along and we will give you access to the server
  • When you are stuck at some point of the Gentoo installation just come around and we can try to solve your problem
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