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[edit] Description of the Project

There are a number of GSM hackers at the 25C3 this year, working on projects like

We're planning to set ourselves up at the Hackcenter, and will bring quite a bit of equipment for hacking, including

  • USRP with RFX900 and RFX1800 frontend
  • another USRP with BasicRX and RFX1800 frontend
  • Siemens BS-11 microBTS base station
  • Some Willtek 4100 Mobile Fault Finders and matching test SIM's
  • Some TSM30 mobile phones

[edit] What we plan to do at the 25C3

  • Work on improving the bs11-abis code (related to
  • Test and improve the passive GSM scanner projects gsm-tvoid, gsmsp, and gssm
  • Improve the wireshark protocol analyzer for GSM Um and GSM Abis protocol
  • Test OpenBTS call control with a wide variety of handset models.
  • Get some opinions on core network integration strategies for OpenBTS.

[edit] Our requirements

The amount of space is actually a bit more important than the amount of seating (chairs), since we'll bring quite a bit of hardware with us.

Something like six chairs plus some extra table space should do.

Can someone bring along a spectrum analyser and any other RF hardware related testing tools?

[edit] Who we are

People who hang out at the THC GSM wiki and THC GSM mailing lists, among them

  • Harald Welte
  • Dieter Spaar
  • Rakesh Peter
  • Jonathan Arbib
  • Robert Fitzsimons
  • Peter Yuan

And from OpenBTS:

  • David Burgess
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