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[edit] Chaostreff Frankfurt (c3f2m)

c3f2m, short for ccc-ffm, is a group of hackers and other IT involved people from Frankfurt / Main, Germany, also known as "Bankfurt" ;-) Most of us are freelancer and work with various "big" Hardware, so we can probably help you with your questions about:

  • SUN
  • Storage Systems
  • Monitoring
  • Streaming
  • Clusters
  • Databases (MySQL, Oracle, DB2 etc.)
  • SMD soldering

and many more...

[edit] Contact details

[edit] Projects on 25C3

[edit] Embedded "fun"

We'll show various "embedded" systems like Alix, Soekris etc. and what you can do with them. Also feel free to ask questions if you have any...

[edit] Nerddrink

Our own small "production" of a nerd compatible drink will be shown. Its a combo of something to keep you well, fit and of cours awake :)

[edit] Quattrokopter

Currently building and hopefully finishing on 25c3. We try to "enhance" it a bit (not only adding tech stuff to it ;) and get something really usefull out of it (how about let it carry your luaggage? ;)

[edit] Postgolf

Ever had problems getting a parking space? or find a free wlan? or want to know about wlans next to you? Postgolf is "teh solution" for it. Checkout or step by and ask us...

Seats needed: 10 Location: something "reachable" for wheelchair would be nice (we have one ;)

NOC: we're awaiting 10gigE to the desk as promised last year by Elisa ;)

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