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Build a Quadrocopter

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[edit] Build a Quadrokopter - Workshop

This is a workshop to build unmanned aerial vehicles. These UAVs are based on the Mikrokopter project.

[edit] Project

The Mikrokopter is a quadrocopter project which was founded by Holger Buss and Ingo Busker. At the Chaos Communicaton Camp there was the first drone workshop ever. It was very hard back then because the hardware was not presoldered and not preassembled. But now, it is possible to build your own drone within five hours. For the workshop we have complete kits of Mikrokopters.

More interessting things about the Mikrokopter can be found at the website.


[edit] Contact

The Workshop-Coordinator is Hoppel. He is a long-time member and betatester for the Mikrokopter. If you want to build a drone, contact him:

hoppel [a_t]

[edit] The Mikrokopter-Community-Team

  • Holger Buss (Main developer)
  • Ingo Busker (Main developer)
  • Nebukad (wiki team)
  • Ligi (software developer and betatester)
  • HGDL
  • Steff
  • KeyOz
  • Teschi
  • Narayan (wiki team)

[edit] The Workshop

The Workshop is limited to 3 Mikrokopter per day. The Mikrokopter can be built by one person or by a team. The participiants have to know how to solder electronic parts. If there are any questestions or problems, one of the workshop-leader or other Mikrokopter pilots can help.

[edit] What you get

For the price above you get the complete hardware kit to build a Mikrokopter. This kit includes the main flight controller, four brushless controller with four brushless motors, a frame, one rechargable liPo-battery, propellers and some other material for building the quadrocopter.

[edit] What you need

Not included is a remote control and a battery charger. These things are to be bought additionally. You can buy these at the congress or at every rc-model-shop.

[edit] The Costs

The costs for a Mikrokopter are between 700 and 750 Euros. Kits can be bought at the congress.

[edit] Workshop-Schedule

Day Time Workshop-Leader Participants
#1 Dec27 13-18 - *
#2 Dec28 12-17 -
#3 Dec29 12-17 -
  • What? No participants? Relet would like to bring his almost-fully-assembled v1 mikrokopter and finally get it done, after spending 1 1/2 years in a SEP time vortex.

There isn't a workshop at Day 4.

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