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Here is the place for links to galleries of pictures you have taken on 23C3 and published online. Please mark, under which terms or Creative Commons license your pictures may be used. The Creative Commons attribution (CC-by) is preferred.

Moreover, there'll be a tag called 23C3 at flickr and of course there also is a 23C3 Flickr Group at The group's photofeeds are RSS 2.0 and Atom

Please make sure that the people you took a picture of want to see their faces online before you upload them somewhere. Privacy, you know!

You can feel free to submit your pictures in the public wiki. We ask you to add a unique string like "myname_1stday_" (no slashes) at the beginning of the file name while uploading. Then collect the pics on a page below "Photo Documentation", like "Photo_Documentation/yourname".

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